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Surviving to Thriving

One year ago today we moved into our home in Flagstaff.

It’s hard to accept that it’s only been a year. We’ve made such strides in life and family, and now – in business. Back in early 2016 when we finally decided that we would really do the thing we’d been dreaming of – list our home for sale and move to another state – it seemed overwhelming. Our goal for our family this past year has been to Survive. We hoped to establish ourselves in a new place, and maybe make some friends.

I can say with absolute confidence that we not only survived – but we are exactly where we were meant to be.

A lot has taken place over the past year we’ve lived here. The boys have become taller (how?!) and we’ve all grown in new ways. There’s been days that were long and hard – and days that make us stop and say out loud to each other in amazement, we live here, this is our life.

So, what are some of the highlights?

  • Riley started Preschool 2x a week. It’s the most wonderful place, and he loves it.
  • Charly is walking and talking and so much fun to hang out with.
  • We got a new dog! Barley, the Mini-Australian Shepard joined our family last July.
  • The snowfall in Flagstaff this year was record making – and we made it!
  • Sedona has become one of our happy places, Kelly loves to mountain bike ride there.
  • We joined Calvary Chapel Flagstaff
  • I found Barre3 – and I’m hooked.
  • We have friends and playdates and BBQs; a community we’ve dreamed of.
  • For the first time in any of our lives we experienced a true Fall, and it didn’t disappoint.
  • We’ve logged hours on hikes through the beauty of our new town.
  • I’m learning how to golf – ha! Luckily, Kelly is a patient teacher.

What’s next for our family?

When we first moved here, we were lucky to have family that helped us quickly adjust. We knew the good restaurants and where to get a haircut, and the best Pediatrician in town. But, I didn’t have my best friends, and neither did the boys. So my immediate focus was on finding friends. I went into College Freshman Mode – and joined all.the.things.

I found a local Meetup Group for Moms of young kids. My sister in law put me in touch with our MOPS chapter. I met a new business owner on Instagram who was opening a Barre3 studio in town. We found a church we loved. Over time each of these activities produced friendships for our family. The contacts in my phone started to grow, and we found ourselves more comfortable with life here.

A few months ago Kelly and I revisited our goal of starting a business in Flagstaff. We kicked around ideas and business theories long before we physically moved. But, we really got to thinking and came up with some solid ideas. Some didn’t pan out – and some stuck. We’re well on our way to establishing a small business here in town, and I cannot wait to see what the coming years bring.

My New Venture

That Meetup group I joined? I was invited to help organize. The MOPS Chapter? I was asked to participate in the leadership team. The Barre3 studio? I became a Founding Member. The Church we found? I’m involved in the Children’s Ministry. We belong here – and we’ve found a community we very much want to raise our kids in.

In addition to life and family and volunteer projects, I’ve also started a business. This past week my new business partner, a fellow Mom, and I launched Flagstaff Moms Blog. It’s a Parenting Resource Website. We have several Moms here in Flagstaff that create articles for the site that we publish each week. The goal is to create community both online and offline through content and events hosted by FMB. I personally work behind the scenes on Social Media and Editing Content. 

The years I’ve spent working on Websites and Social Media, combined with my logistics skills from the Film/TV Biz have finally overlapped. I’m excited for this new adventure and I’m passionate about the work we’re doing. It’s also nice to use my brain for something other than making pb+j sandwiches ;)

So here we are. Happy one year Flagstaffiversary to us!


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