The Love Story

We first met while working of the Disney Feature Film, PROM in the Summer of 2010. I was a Producer’s Assistant, and Merfman was in the Transportation Department. Working closely with many of the departments on the show, I found Transportation to be awesome and quickly became friends with many of the drivers. Countless weekends were spent with the group watching football games over beers at the local Barney’s Beanery.

Some might call this the beginning of a “showmance” but we didn’t start dating until the Fall, when I found out I would be moving to Atlanta, GA to work on another Disney Feature Film. Our parting at LAX was much more difficult than either of us expected, especially since we’d only been dating for a few weeks. We dated long distance, battling the time difference. Many times only talking briefly as Merfman would be on his way home from set at 4:00am and I would be getting up to start my work day in Georgia.

Finally, I returned home for Christmas. We spent the short 2 week hiatus visiting with each other’s friends and family. We even made a trip to the desert – where Merfman saw that I was more than the typical “dune bunny.” Heading our separate ways after New Years was even more difficult than the first time, especially since we knew we’d be apart until late Spring. Or, so we thought.

On January 31st, after the first day of Principal Photography, I fell and dislocated my left foot,  breaking my ankle in 3 places. Spending 3 days in the hospital, and several weeks awaiting surgery it was decided I should return to CA to await a second surgery. Returning home was bittersweet, we were so happy to be together but the road ahead would be long and difficult.

Merfman became a regular visitor in my “care unit” even helping to make my bathroom “handicapible” with grab-bars and a shower chair! He would often spend his weekends taking me lunch, or out to the movies. After months of healing and therapy I interviewed for a position working on the NBC show Community, got the job and moved to Burbank. We could finally be in the same town together!

We spent the next year inseparable. Laundry dates, bike rides, grocery shopping…we settled into regular life and loved every minute. On April 12th we moved into a home in Burbank, excited to begin a new phase of our lives together.

Thursday, April 19, one week after moving in, we spent the day cleaning and completing small tasks around the house. Merfman suggested we have dinner at one of our favorite date restaurants, a Sushi place. We enjoyed our favorite rolls while dreaming and making plans for our future home.

After returning to the house, Merfman proposed by candlelight with a ring he’d kept secret for a month! I was speechless – so much, that he had to ask twice if I would marry him. Of course I said YES!

There’s our story! Two states, a bionic ankle and a new home later we’re starting our lives together as man and wife!

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