Charly is 11 Months

ELEVEN.   Weight: He’s heavy! My arms are for sure getting tired hauling him around on my hip all the time. Health: Healthy! We seem to be between teething and growth spurts, so a nice happy time! Sleep: It gets lighter here earlier, but he’s still sleeping until 6:30am or 7:00am which is nice. Gives me some time to … More Charly is 11 Months

Charly is 10 Months

Ten! Already?! I’m only a month behind, oops. I didn’t take very many photos this month either… Weight: 22lb 5oz. 29.5″ long at his last check up. He’s heavier than Riley was at this age, but not as long. He’s wearing some 12 months, lots of 18-24. I was just thinking today he needs some more … More Charly is 10 Months

Charly is 9 Months

N.I.N.E     Weight: I think he’s put on some weight in the past few weeks, thinking maybe around 20lb? He’s eating like a champ, anything and everything! Health: We’re all adjusting to the weather in AZ. It’s MUCH more dry here – hello, desert. We were in Flagstaff when it was super windy, and the pollen … More Charly is 9 Months


Reading: I’m about half way through Midnight Circus on eloan from my library. I really should pick up another book. With summer here and some extra down time I need some extra reading material. Any suggestions? Eating: Everything. With moving and everything going on, I’ve tried to be flexible with my diet. We are still … More Currently. 

Charly is 8 months

Eight going on Nine. Weight: We had a little dip in weight this month – but got that corrected and at his last weigh in he was 19lb 14oz. He’s wearing 12mo and 18mo clothing. We switched him to a convertible car seat this month, since we moved Riley up to a Booster Harness Seat. Everyone … More Charly is 8 months

Charly is 7 Months

Woops.  A little behind on this month. Sorry Charly… Weight: Um….hopefully close to 20/21lbs? He’s going through a growth spurt, and nursing and eating solids. He was under his % on weight at the 6 mo check up, so I’m hoping he’s making up for it this month, we’ll find out at his next check up … More Charly is 7 Months

Riley is 2.5

We celebrated his 2.5 year birthday at Disneyland! I actually didn’t even realize it until we were headed home. Another 6 months has passed since I last did an update, and we’ve had Charly around since then! Size: 38lbs?  I really have no idea, we should stick him on the scale here at home. Height, 41.5″ … More Riley is 2.5