Coffee + Crumbs

I was recently featured on Coffee + Crumbs.

My most favorite blog, and one that I’ve been reading since the very beginning – selected something that I wrote! The writers on the site inspire me, and they are such amazing women and mothers. Not to mention they are making big moves in the world of writing. A book deal, podcast…there’s no stopping their creative force.

I’m honored they selected this piece to publish.




Reading: I’m about half way through Midnight Circus on eloan from my library. I really should pick up another book. With summer here and some extra down time I need some extra reading material. Any suggestions?
Eating: Everything. With moving and everything going on, I’ve tried to be flexible with my diet. We are still cooking and eating in for a majority of our meals, and that makes me feel so much better. Our first week in AZ we ate out a lot more than normal and my body was not happy. We’re in a better routine now. Excited for summer produce season!!
Thinking About: This crazy life thing we did! For an update: we listed, sold and moved out of our home in Burbank in 30 days. For years we’ve been dreaming and planning to move out of state. We finally got serious a year ago, and worked on getting the house ready for sale. Everything in the house was updated and changed in the 15+ years Kelly lived there. We are proud of that house, and thrilled for the sweet family that bought it. We’re still in the house hunting process here in Arizona, but we are really excited about what’s next. 

Looking Forward to: Quality family time. By relocating we’ve dramatically changed our family and personal lives. Kelly can be home more, we will have so much more balance in our marriage and home life. I’m so excited for new memories and family adventures. 

Enjoying: Being 100% DEBT FREE. It feels so good,  and it’s still a little unbelievable. When we buy a new home we will take on another (smaller!) mortgage and payment. But that’s minor compared to where we started years ago. Dave Ramsey and Financial Peace University were crucial. 

Learning: How to be flexible. This whole moving/house hunting thing has been a big lesson for me to relax and let go. I have little to no control over anything. So I’m trying to just sit back and find enjoyment in the adventure. 

Loving: Arizona. From snow and hail to sun and warmth it’s so different here. We are having a great time, and enjoying all that this state has so offer. I never would have thought that I’d be an Arizona resident, but I really am loving it.