I’ve been blogging in this space for SIX years. I don’t have as much time to come here and share – and as the boys are growing older I’m trying to find the balance of it all. I wrote something for Flagstaff Moms Blog about how I feel about the changes coming.

Here’s a preview…

“Part of raising children is fostering independence and guiding their growth into self-aware young people. But darn if it doesn’t sting a little when they don’t need you. After years of giving so much, so often now I get a ‘YEA.MOM’ tossed in my general direction.

I wrestle with the duality of celebrating and mourning this newfound chapter. In my head, I know this must come to pass, but my Mama Heart is not quite ready to turn the page on the familiar rhythms of life we’ve led thus far.”

Read the rest HERE

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