Is it Fall yet?

To fully grasp the title of this post you must read it in an “are we there yet?!” whine.

Got it? Good.

I LOVE summer. If I could live in a bikini 24/7 I would. I love summer BBQ’s and the long days. I love summer at the beach, at the river, at the lake, at the pool. Summer suits me best when I’m near water. Much to my dismay there is no beach in Burbank. Sigh. Burbank looks best in the Fall and Spring. The skys are clear and the air is cool.

I know everyone in So Cal has been whining about the intense heat we’ve been having. It’s pretty miserable. But what makes it so much worse is hearing about all the wonderful Fall weather all over the country. I want to drink cider and wear hoodies too!

It will come, we’ll wake up one morning and decide we need to wear jeans and a sweater. Then, once the weather turns all the wimpy Angeleno’s will cry and moan that it’s “too cold” and we want our summer tans and flip flops back. For the record, I wear my flip flops almost year round  :)We have it really good here. Almost too good. We don’t appreciate the weather changes because we don’t see them.

There’s no changing of the leaves, no first snow, no thaw…just varying levels of heat. I can’t complain since I know all over the world they have blizzards and hurricanes. Those do not sound awesome. I’ll pass.

But I will start thinking about why I love Fall.


Fall in LA means jeans and scarves.

Baking pies

Hot Drinks

Crunchy Leaves

Morning Fog

Turning the AC off

Flannel Sheets


Thinking about Christmas :)

I think I like Fall because I know my favorite season is just around the corner. Pinterest has my mind spinning with Christmas ideas.

But, for now I’ll look forward to the first day I can wear Jeans and a Hoodie, with my flip flops of course.


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