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Get Movin’

I try to be an active person, but I need a little extra motivation sometimes. Don’t we all?

Playing Water Polo in college I was working out for several hours a day, 6 days a week. Now, I don’t have a coach to give me swim sets or weight workouts. I’m flying solo. No teammates to keep you motivated, or games on the horizon.

So, I heard about Gym Pact from Healthy Tipping Point and thought it was worth a shot. Gym Pact is an app on your phone where you “check in” when you’re at the gym for a work out. You set up a cash stake, say $5 for every workout. If you miss a workout it will cost you $5, but if you make all your pledged workouts you earn moneyz! I pledge 4 workouts a week for $20 a workout. SUPER motivation. $20 isn’t easy to lose!

So I get myself movin’! 4 workouts a week is very doable for me, I usually spin at least 2 days a week, dreadmill and lift 1 – 2 days a week, and walk the dogs or take a bike ride 1 day a week. Gym Pact is now working with RunKeeper to log non-gym activities like walking, hiking or cycling.

I’ve been using Gym Pact for a few weeks now and I’ve kept all my pledges earning a little bit of money each week. Around $2 a week. Are you going to get crazy rich using Gym Pact? No, don’t quit your day job. But, you will be more motivated to hustle to the gym, or take a long walk. Oh, and part of the deal is you need to be working out or moving for at least 30min and .5 miles.


Betsy is a fan of walk days :)

Weekly Workout 

Friday – 30min on the Spin Bike, Weights

Saturday – 20min Easy Bike Ride

Sunday – Off

Monday – 60min Spin Class

Tuesday – Off

Wednesday – 45min Easy Bike Ride

Thursday – 2, 30 min Dog Walks

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