Get That Sticker!

I remember being a kid on election day, long before I was 18 and registered to vote. I always wanted one of the cool stickers that all the adults got to wear.


We live in an amazing country, and sure it has flaws,  but we have a right that so many other people in the world do not. We have a voice and we have the CHOICE to vote.

I know we’re all a little (lot) tired of the election talk, the Prop commercials, the glossy flyers stuffed in out mailboxes every day.

Just remember voting is a privilege, and throughout history so many have fought for our opportunity to vote. As a woman I know that at one time in our country I wasn’t allowed to vote, but thanks to some pretty awesome ladies I now have the choice.

Whatever your position on the issues, whoever you’re supporting – take the time to vote. Make your opinion known.

But what about the electoral college…my state’s blue/red/swing???

What IF it comes down to ONE vote? What IF you could have made the difference?

Tomorrow morning we’ll know what’s decided. Don’t YOU want to be a part of that decision?

Now, go get that sticker! I’m off to get mine.

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