HRG’s Christmas Awesome Stuff Survey

I’m jumping on the cool kids train and linking up to Hungry Runner Girl’s Christmas Survey.

1.  Favorite Christmas Album/CD/Song?

I have a recent new favorite. “Mary Did you Know” I like the version by Reba :) Something about that sassy red head!

2.  Run on Christmas morning or take the day off?

Day off! I LOVE sleeping in on Christmas and taking it easy. Spending the morning in my pj’s is a Christmas gift on its own.

3.  What do you usually eat on Christmas morning?

My Mom would always cook breakfast and the tradition would be a breakfast pizza. It’s a pastry with different flavor segments…apple, cherry, lemon. It’s yummy. I think since this is our first Christmas, Merfman and I will have to come up with a breakfast tradition. I’m thinking Monkey Bread or Cinnamon Rolls :)

4.  Favorite holiday or Christmas tradition?

Decorating the house for Christmas. I also really like sending out Christmas Cards. My family always sent a card, and now I love sending one from our little family.

5.  Real tree, fake tree or no tree?

Real. I love the smell. But we have a fake tree this year since we’ll be gone for several days visiting family and worried about the tree drying out. We also have a little French Bulldog that loves to graze, and I’m sure she’d enjoy nibbling on the pine needles.

6.  Christmas pajamas… yay or nay?

YAY! My Mom started a tradition on Christmas Eve when we were little. We always got a fresh set of pajamas to wear that night for Christmas morning.

7.  Where do you spend the holidays?  Your own house, your parents’ house, extended family, in-laws, friends?

All over the place. This year it’s going to be in-laws, my parents and extended family. We’ll be busy!

8.  Food that you always have during the holiday season?  Favorite Christmas food/treat?

Cider. I love making cider in the crockpot. I love the way it smells and how it always feels like Christmas when I have a mug. It’s also tradition for my Dad’s side of the family to have Mexican food for our Christmas celebration. We love us some Mexican food.

9. Open presents all at once or take turns?  Stockings… yes or no?

Both? We trade off some years and take turns or just go for it. We always do stockings at my Grandma’s house. We all have unique stockings that we got when we were born that have out names on them.

10.  Favorite Christmas(ish) movie?

ELF! I quote it almost too often if that’s possible. You don’t yell “Santa, I know him” every time you see the big man in red?

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