Merfbaby the iPhone

Merfbaby is 17 weeks old!

Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.41.10 PM Screen Shot 2013-02-14 at 12.40.40 PM

My emails today told me Merbaby is the size and weight of a iPhone or a turnip.

How I’m Feeling:  Good! It was another busy week at work, so I was tuckered every night when I got home. Cooking dinner seems to be more effort than I’m capable of, and since it’s just me most nights I have a lot of egg dinners or leftovers. I’m starting to feel a little off balance, and I find myself waddle waking sometimes.

Belly/Weight: There’s for sure a baby bump! I have one pair of jeans I can still button and wear comfortably, and my trusty leggings  have a hole in them so I may need to upgrade. I have a few shirts that I feel comfortable wearing, but I’m having to get really creative with most of my wardrobe. I don’t have many clothes anyway, so it’s a challenge. I got two gift cards to Macy’s for my birthday so I’m thinking I’ll put those toward Maternity clothes. I’m also wondering if it would be worth looking at thrift shops? Since not many of my close friends have had babies there isn’t a floating pile of maternity clothing I can pull from. To all my furutre baby-having friends: I promise to start a pile for you!

Life Changes: I don’t often have to lift heavy things for work, but lately there have been a few situations where I’ve found myself helpless. I’ve NEVER been that girl, and I always changed the water jug in the office kitchen, or moved the desk with little to no help. I constantly want to jump in and help, but my co workers have been really great about reminding me that I’m preggers and to stand back.

Movement: I almost thought I felt something the other night, but I think it was just hunger? Soon I hope!

Sleep: We recently moved our big yellow lab downstairs at night to sleep since the stairs aren’t agreeing with his aging body. I’ve been sleeping really well this week because he doesn’t wake me up snoring! I did catch Merfman snoring a few times this week, he rarely snores so I know he’s really tired when he does. I need to purchase a few more pillows so help support my hips and tummy while I sleep, but overall I’ve been pretty comfortable. Minus the nightly potty break.

Cravings: Orange Juice and strawberries! I’ve eating so many strawberries in the past week! I’m happy I’m having healthy cravings though ;) For the past two weeks no matter what I bring for lunch with me to the office it just doesn’t sound as yummy as what the rest of the office orders. So I’ve been ordering in a few times. I still choose healthy options, but I know it’s not the best use of my food money. If I cook more dinners, I have more leftovers, which I need to start doing. I do love leftovers :) I think I get that from Momma-son.

Exercise: I did 1,400 yards at the pool on Sunday. I was so happy to be swimming! I brought my kick board and fins and did 600 yards of kicking. My legs were sore Monday and Tuesday! I’ve taken a few walks around the office building at work. When I bring Betsy with me I tend to be better about walking since I take her out for potty breaks throughout the day. We have these really steep stairs at the office, which I know I’m going to loathe during the later months of pregnancy, but even now they feel like a big work out!

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: On Saturday morning Merfman and I slept in, and made breakfast. Then, we sat on the couch and researched baby items! He looked at strollers and car seats while I checked out diaper bags and play pens. We’re planning to go to Babies R Us this weekend to look at a few things and maybe start working on a Registry. We were planning to register at Babies R Us, is there anywhere else? Target?  We also had a date night on Saturday. I’ve read a few places that it’s good to start a weekly date night before the baby comes. We also counted our date night as my Birthday dinner. We went to dinner at the Smokehouse in Burbank and it was so so good!  I’d never been before and since I’m not a red meat eater I didn’t know what to expect. I got the shrimp scampi and it was so good! I also ordered a baked potato, and they bring the toppings to your table and serve them to you! So cute. I also had the BEST green beans of my life!!! Seriously. Amazing. You know how green beans are always mushy and overcooked at restaurants? No.  These were perfect. Crisp. Bright green. Cooked with garlic. Ah, I want to go back and order them again.

On My Mind:  There’s all these different things you’re supposed to be worrying about. Baby development, weight gain, diet, glucose levels. I’m at the point where I know I have zero control on what’s happening inside my body. God’s taking care of that. All I can do it take care of me. Make sure I eat well, get enough rest and take care of my body. I’ve been pretty relaxed and laid back so far, there’s not much I can “control” so what’s the all the worry worth? And after the baby comes there’s nothing but non-stop worry for the rest of your life, right? Are they hitting their development stages? Are they happy? Healthy? Socially adjusted? Upstanding citizens?  So, no worry for now.

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