Merfbaby the Banana & GENDER!

Merfbaby is 20 weeks today!

Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.52.28 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-06 at 1.55.06 PM

Merfbaby is the length of a banana! Around 10 inches from Head to Toe!

How I’m Feeling: Good! My energy level is up and I’m still sleeping pretty well at night. I don’t really “look” preggers, more like I have a little tummy so I don’t feel super pregnant either. Since this is my halfway week I know I have to lot more changes to still look forward to. Body and otherwise!

Belly/Weight: My tummy feels tight, I think I might need to start rubbing it with lotion or something? My regular jeans are more uncomfortable to wear with the Belly Bands, but I’m still doing ok with one pair of maternity pants and a few other options. When the weather warms up a little more I’m going to get some skirts and dresses. I’m up 14lbs from my pre pregnancy weight, and I gained more this month than I did last month. My doctor suggested I eat less carbs and sugar since those will pack more weight on than anything else.

Life Changes: I’ll be the first to admit I was totally food-lazy last month. No wonder I gained a few more lbs! I wasn’t disciplined about bringing my lunch into the office and ended up ordering in a few times a week. I still picked “healthy” options, but restaurant food is always going to have more calories since you don’t know how it’s being prepared…oli and butter and such. When I’d get home for dinner I was tired and since Merfman was working late I would just have cereal or a bagel for dinner. No bueno. This week I was determined to get back to eating veggies. Since Spring is around the corner there’s lots of yummy produce at the store, so my grocery haul was very colorful this week :) Tomatoes, spinach,  asparagus, sweet potatoes and berries :) I’m back in the habit of bringing a salad with me to work every day. Tip: Make your lunch the night before so you don’t have to mess with it before leaving for work. I’ve always done this since I was a kid packing my school lunches. I pack my lunch after I’m done with dinner, stick it in the fridge and then all I have to do in the morning is throw it in my lunch bag. When you don’t have to think about it in the morning you’re less likely to skip and order something in.

Movement: Merfbaby is getting stronger and more active! I think it’s almost to the point where I can have Merfman feel the kicks :) I listened to the heart beat at my appointment on Monday and it sounds so fast! I really feel the movement in the morning when I’m sitting at my desk, after lunch and in the evening before bed. Sometimes when I crawl into bed I feel it too!

Sleep: I haven’t had the best sleep this week, but I still feel rested when I wake up in the morning. One night I popped in my ear plugs and reset my alarm after an hour of tossing and listening to all the snoring in the house. Dogs and human ;) Merfman’s been especially tired at night so he’s more “vocal” than I’m used to. Sometimes I still hear our lab down in the living room sawing logs, and between him and our french bulldog it’s like a competition!

Cravings: I think it’s the colder weather, but this morning a Starbucks latte and scone sounded AMAZING to me. I’ve yet to cave, but I’m still entertaining the idea ;)

Exercise: I did an elliptical/spin bike work out on Tuesday morning. And 1,000 yards at the pool this morning. I really love my fins and kickboard in the pool and I think that’s going to become my favorite workout in the later weeks of my pregnancy. Since it’s staying lighter longer I’m also going to get in some evening walks after work, and maybe some walks at the high school track on the weekends. The weather is so nice on the weekends I want to do more outside activity. I may even try to do some beach walking on the weekends. There are so many beaches in LA I haven’t explored so that might be a fun solo trip on a Sunday afternoon when Merfman is working.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Finding out the GENDER!!! We are having a…



BOY!!! A BOY!!! My feeling was right, I had been thinking we’re having a boy :) So Merfman’s idea to have the cupcakes reveal the gender was the best idea ever! I can’t recommend it enough. It was so special to find out together, at home, after our date night.

On My Mind: The nursery. Now that we know what we’re having it’s so fun to think about the future with our little dude :) I’m going to keep everything pretty neutral, but fun and bright. No pastels for this Merfbaby. I’m also really really excited about taking Merfbaby to swim lessons! I found a swim school that I really like, and I can’t wait to start those types of activities. We’ve only found one name that’s on the “keeper” list, but we’re not telling ;) It’ll be a surprise for everyone.

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