Merfbaby the Mango

Merfbaby is 23 weeks :)

Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.30.40 PM Screen Shot 2013-03-28 at 1.31.05 PM


The size of a large mango!

How I’m Feeling: Good overall :) I’ve been having some lower back pain so I went to the chiropractor to get adjusted, and oddly the adjustment needed was in my neck?! Crazy how that works. I got a new desk chair at work, which is amazing and makes a massive difference. It’s an Aero Chair and one of my favorite things ever :) I’m good about rising my laptop so it’s better aligned with my sight, and I have and external keyboard too. Since I spend a large amount of my day sitting I try to make sure it’s easier on my body. Sitting all day is so bad. My favorite office set up was a standing desk that I had in a production office. It was so nice to stand and work. I’ve considered doing that at my current office, but it would take some serious work to pull off. For now I just try walk around the office as much as I can and get up every hour or so.

Belly/Weight: I started using the Palmers Coco Butter and I rub it on in the morning and at night. I think it’s helping? It might all be in my head, but it helps me feel better :) Not sure on the weight, I have a doctor appointment next week so I’ll find out then.

Life Changes: The maternity dresses I ordered came over the weekend and they are so comfy. I’m going to wear one as an Easter Dress on Sunday. I’m really hoping to wear some wedges on our Babymoon next week (eek!) so I can feel like a real girl! Heels are a rarity for me – since breaking my bionic ankle I’m terrible on heels, well…I was never much good anyway. I did a trial run in my wedges around the bedroom earlier this week and I think I’ll be good to go :)

Movement: I can see his kicks from the outside now! It’s so funny to look down and see my tummy twitch! He’s active in the same pattern most days- morning, afternoon, evening. I can always tell that he’s sensitive to sweets, I don’t eat much sugar, but when I have something sweet it’s almost always active right after. Ha!

Sleep: It’s getting harder to roll over, I find that I end up pausing on my back mid roll. I’ve heard to roll the other way, onto all 4’s and to the other side might be easier? I’m still sleeping pretty well, I use my ear plugs whenever I’m struggling to fall asleep.

Cravings: Still OJ and craving that Starbucks! I bought a Groupon last week for $5 that’s really a $10 gift card! I’m saving it for a special day :)

Exercise: Walking. Lots of walking. Around the office. All over the place on Saturday, and I cleaned the house top to bottom on Sunday. I had plans for Spin Class this week, but with the chiropractic adjustment I decided to hold off.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: We got our diaper bag that I ordered! It was like Christmas morning opening up all the pockets and playing with it :) It’s the first baby item I’ve purchased.

On My Mind: Easter and our kitchen remodel. Our new dishwasher and oven are being delivered tomorrow! We have a busy weekend with family, and it’s crazy to think next Easter we’re going to have a Merfbaby to celebrate with!

Sorry for the sort post – We have a meeting with a granite person for the kitchen!

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