Merfbaby Due Date Poll

My due date is 7.25.13. I’ve always felt he’d come a little late, but some people think he may come early. You never know :)

Place your bets!

6 thoughts on “Merfbaby Due Date Poll”

  1. They kept telling us in antenatal classes that most babies are late, but of my group only one was (the other 10 babies were all early!). Holly came a week early to the day :-) So I’m going to guess he’ll come early :-)

      1. Yep that’s what they told us too! Also in my friends ante natal group only a couple of those babies went past their due dates. Not long to go! You must be so excited! :-) Good luck and can’t wait to see pics of your little one :-)

      2. Yep! Totally agree. I was expecting Holly to be late after everything they’d told us, so when I had like a funny pressure feeling on the Saturday I didn’t take much notice. Had a few twinges while eating dinner and watching TV but nothing really. Went to go to bed and as soon as I lay down – BOOM! It was all on. She was born 7 hours later :-) From the classes I’d been expecting that first stage of labour to take some time. They say you can clean the house or go for walks etc. So I wasn’t prepared for it to just go straight into the serious stuff! Be prepared for anything, that’s all I can advise you :-) Good luck! x

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