A Month of Thanks

I’m sure you’re heard mention of having an attitude of gratitude? Every day we can be thankful for something, big or small. Thanksgiving and the holidays are a wonderful time of stopping and really counting your blessings. So many of us have so much, and the holidays often make for crazystressfulwonderful times, but I always feel like I want to hit pause on the calendar and really soak up this season.

Now, more than ever.



So, each day for the month of November I’m going to post something I’m thankful for.

Today – I’m thankful for Mama Friends. 

I’m thankful for those women that have been down this road before me, and the wisdom they can share, the advice they give. And the encouragement they wrap around me.

This mothering thing is hard. It’s always a blessing, but it’s still a challenge.

My Mama Soul needs that love and support from other women. And that’s something I never thought I would “need.” But, oh my goodness does it help.


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