Daddy + Son Time

Last night I got to celebrate a wonderful friend’s Bachlorette party. I had been looking forward to it all week. A little girl time an maybe a glass of wine :) Merfman got home at 4am on Saturday morning and we ran some errands after breakfast. I hadn’t been feeling too well, but I rallied before getting ready and leaving for the party.

It would be the longest stretch of time I’d been away from Merfbaby. I left him with milk in the fridge, a fresh diaper and I was on my way. I made one call home after I left to make sure Merfman knew when to expect his next nap.

Once I got to the party I started to relax and enjoy chatting with all the girls. After his night feeding I got this photo from Merfman.


I missed him! But I’m so thankful they got some quality Daddy and Son Time together. Since Merfman works late nights and early mornings it’s so good for them to have some alone time together. Same for me. I needed that night just as much as they needed their time together.

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