We’ve entered the Teething Zone. It’s just as wonderful as I thought it would be. The funny part (can it be funny?) is that between cries and grunts and tears…Merfbaby is fighting to be “himself.” He’s normally a happy, easy-going dude. So you’ll catch these glimpses of the real him when he stops to take a breath or try to settle himself.

I gave him his first does of Tylenol on Monday. I called the Pediatrician to confirm his dose, grabbed some Orajel swabs from CVS and we had a fun game of cry/squirt/swab/spit/wipe. Awesome.

I’m not a huge fan of meds, but I’m not anti-med either. I’ll take something if I need to. But I’m not running to the Doctor for antibiotics when I have the first signs of a cold. I did birth drug free, because I knew my body could do it – that’s what it was made for, right?

But I’m so thankful for modern medicine.

Especially when I see the tiny human in pain. A little pain relief goes a long way in keeping him comfortable.

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