The Baby Whisperer

If you haven’t heard of Tracy Hogg and you’re a parent you totally need to check out her books.

secrets of the baby whisperer-1

When I was pregnant I read a LOT of books and articles. Ask Merfman. I read mostly because I found baby/pregnancy/parenting stuff interesting. And I still do. I still read all the books, and I pulled out one of hers last week when I wanted to see how I could help Merfbaby sleep better. He’s been waking himself up because he wiggles and squirms at night and hits the side of his crib. She suggested to make a little barrier on either side of him (with rolled up towels (taped) or small pillows) after you swaddle him. He’s also been breaking out of his swaddle so it might be time to leave one of his arms out…anyway…. I tried the barrier for the first time on Wednesday night – and he slept until 5:00am. Win!

Of course there’s TONS of advice on how to parent, and whatever is working for you go with it. The Baby Whisperer’s ideas have worked well for us, and Merfbaby. I feel more confident as a Mama and less helpless when I re-read something she suggests, realizing that I am doing it, and it’s working. Sometimes you get all foggy and sleep deprived so you can’t see beyond the little things. But in the big picture we’re doing well, and Merfbaby is a happy, healthy, growing baby.

So I’m thankful for The Baby Whisperer and her advice. And all the wonderful other Mama’s that recommended her books :)



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