Last night was a doozie. Teething. Crying. Middle of the night wake ups. I was beyond exhausted this morning and feeling overwhelmed by the chaos of unopened mail on my desk.

I’m thankful every day for Merfman. But today I needed him, and he was there in a big way. You know when you just need a solid 20 min to sit on hold with the health insurance company to argue the same thing you thought was taken care of 2 weeks ago, and you can’t juggle the baby at the same time, since you’re trying to pay bills and answer work emails while you order a new box of checks? Yea.

After I tamed the wild beast that was my desk and paid the bills I did a quick 20 min workout. My legs are jello but my mind is less foggy, even if I only got a few hours of sleep.

One of the Mama’s in my Mommy group called exercise her “self-care.” I totally get that. But I can’t always practice my self-care without Merfbaby care.

I’m thankful for Merfman for so many reasons. That he loves me. That he’s an amazing Dad and loves dressing our tiny human in adorable outfits. That he’s there when I need him, even when he’s not always home. That he provides for our family. That he sleeps less so he can spend more time with his son. That he’s my best friend. That he can see what I need even when I don’t.

I love him, and I’m so thankful for him every day, but especially today.


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