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Reading: 90% Finished with The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I’m preparing myself for some serious decluttering. My aim to to do a big clean pre-Christmas and then another round after the New Year. Since we hope to move in the Spring I’m motivated to get down to less. Less of everything. Less we have to pack and move the better. I do need a new good book to read. Suggestions!?

Eating: Whole 30.  for the most part still. I am going off plan one meal a day. Having cheese or some bread. I haven’t reintroduced anything that’s made me feel bad – but I’m really, really trying to stay away from added sugar as much as possible. It’s in everything (bacon, salad dressing, snacks) so I’m not being too crazy about it, but I don’t want to feed my sweet tooth any more. I just finished making dinner for tonight, it’s a W30 favorite. Bacon + Apple + Sweet Potato Hash. Go forth and make this immediately. I made a double batch. Because. Leftovers. It’s a little effort with chopping and cooking, but worth it. Top with a fried egg. Amazing.

Thinking About: The Holidays! I love this time of year, and the weather is finally cooling off so it’s starting to feel like something other than the brutal never-ending Summer we’ve had. I’m excited for Riley to experience Christmas. I haven’t even thought about shopping, since that sounds overwhelming. But food! Decorations! Baking! Cool weather!

Looking Forward to: Family Christmas Card photos on Saturday! I’ll be our first “nice” photos together as a family of 4! I’m a big fan of Christmas Cards and annual photos. I think it’s well worth the time and money to have professional photos to look back on for years to come. Lots of local photographers run little Holiday “mini sessions” for a a lesser fee and a 30min shoot. It’s the perfect amount of time for little kids.

Enjoying: This cooler weather. Finally. I’ve always thought of myself as a sunshine and summer girl. I lived in Rainbow sandals exclusively, year-round from High School through College. But as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized I desperately crave the change in seasons. Living in the Valley the weather is different than anywhere else I’ve lived. There’s NO Costal Breeze. It’s just flat out HOT for months and months. I can’t deal. Especially with the kids. Mamas that live in the true desert – you are heroes.

Learning: How to be be a wife + mother of two + friend + myself. Kelly and I went away a few weeks ago, just for one night. It was my first night away from Charly. Much sooner than I left Riley for the night. I was excited for some solo time, but also felt anxious and guilty leaving the boys. The whole drive I had to do some serious pep talking with myself, “you are a Wife first, Mother second. It’s GOOD to spend time with your Husband. It’s GOOD to have some time to yourself.” The Mama Guilt is real, and loud in your head.

Loving: A few new fall clothes I got to fit my current post-baby body. I got some higher waisted jeans, some tunic tops and a leather jacket I’ve had my eye on for months. Mom jeans – I get it. I totally get it. My days of super low hip-huggers are over. Mama ain’t got time for pulling my pants up/shirt down anytime I have to bend down to pick up all the things.

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