So, this whole “fall back” and “get an extra hour of sleep” thing…yea, no one told my 3 month old about that. Little dude’s been a mess since Sunday. He doesn’t understand that 5:30am isn’t our ideal wake up time, or why we can’t go to sleep at 5:00pm.

He doesn’t know when to sleep, when to eat…which way is up.

Yesterday and today I got a little taste of what it’s like to have a baby that’s not on a routine. Oh man. My sympathy to any Mama that doesn’t have a system with her baby. How do you do it?!

He’s also into this new thing where he’s way more interested in smiling, laughing, looking around and making goo-goo eyes at me instead of nursing.

So here’s the sitch: napping on the wrong time intervals, not hungry, short feeding, overtired, followed by hangry. SO.MUCH.FUN.

I know we’ll get back into our groove in a few days, but woosh and I thankful for nap-time. I need it as much as he does.

He is pretty adorable when he’s grinning and giggling, but HOW do I get him to focus during a feeding?! Is this what nursing a 9month old is going to be like? Halp meee…