So, this whole “fall back” and “get an extra hour of sleep” thing…yea, no one told my 3 month old about that. Little dude’s been a mess since Sunday. He doesn’t understand that 5:30am isn’t our ideal wake up time, or why we can’t go to sleep at 5:00pm.

He doesn’t know when to sleep, when to eat…which way is up.

Yesterday and today I got a little taste of what it’s like to have a baby that’s not on a routine. Oh man. My sympathy to any Mama that doesn’t have a system with her baby. How do you do it?!

He’s also into this new thing where he’s way more interested in smiling, laughing, looking around and making goo-goo eyes at me instead of nursing.

So here’s the sitch: napping on the wrong time intervals, not hungry, short feeding, overtired, followed by hangry. SO.MUCH.FUN.

I know we’ll get back into our groove in a few days, but woosh and I thankful for nap-time. I need it as much as he does.

He is pretty adorable when he’s grinning and giggling, but HOW do I get him to focus during a feeding?! Is this what nursing a 9month old is going to be like? Halp meee…


3 thoughts on “Naps”

  1. Poor mama! Daylight savings is never easy with little ones :/ You will be back to normal soon :) As far as the distracted nursing, can you try laying down? Sometimes that works. Or have you heard of a nursing necklace? Look on Etsy. They help baby to stay focused :) La Leche League has a great book that goes through what to expect through all the stages of nursing. It might help if you’re interested! It’s called The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding and it helped me so much!! Hope you can get some rest my friend :)

    1. Oh my goodness, I totally have that book and forgot about it! I read everything for the “new stages” of breastfeeding, but since it’s such a big book I didn’t read past latching and supply. I’m going to dig it out tonight, thank you for reminding me. We haven’t had much luck with the side lying position. We tried it early on and it felt awkward, it’ll give it another shot though. I have heard of the necklaces, I was considering getting one :)

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