Fashion Encouragement

I’ve mentioned it before – I’m not a fashionable girl. I don’t dig shopping, and getting dressed in the morning is more of a chore than an exciting event I look forward to. I recently followed this 31 day series and man, did it open my eyes. The gist is this:

– Purge.

– Find my style.

– Develop a uniform.

– Invest in key (timeless) pieces.

– Don’t buy clothes at Target <– mind. blown. They never fit or last anyway, duh.

So I started with the purging. I talked about that here. 

Then I took to Pinterest. I’ve never thought about my “style.” Like I said, I’m so not that girl. But the more I pinned, the more I noticed a trend.





I liked the same things over and over again.







Simple Accessories.

Skinny Jeans – GASP!

Ok, so I’m only like a million years late to the skinnies trend. But, I totally thought I couldn’t pull them off. Confession: I thought I didn’t have the right body-type. I was too tall, or curvy or…then I read this post. Bam. WHY couldn’t I pull it off?!

So I ordered a pair. Thinking I could just wear them under my boots. No one really need to know they were skinny, no one would see my shapely calves. Then, I got bold…and I wore them with flats. I felt like my ankles were naked and vulnerable. But you know what? I loved how it looked, and even more…I loved how I felt. Crazy, huh?

At my largest size to date (minus preggo days) I feel the best about getting dressed and shopping for clothing.

Maybe it’s because I know what I’m looking for after all these years of just wandering around, dazed and grumpy at the mall.


So, how does all this random clothing talk fit into my thankfulness? Well, I’m thankful for Fashion Encouragement, and other women that are being honest about how to dress. It’s not everything, and it certainly won’t make you feel fulfilled. But, it’s one mystery in life I’m starting to get ahold of. I’m not fearful of my closet.

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