Reading: Present Over Perfect. Almost done, and man. It’s given me a few solid punches to the gut. In a good way. Have Uninvited and She Reads Truth. Also cannot wait to read the newest from my girl crush, this.
Eating: Whole 30. No surprise there. It’s October Whole 30 time! Every year for the past 3 years I’ve done a round. This is now my 4th, and it took me a few days to get psyched about it. I’ve found some new recipes and I’m excited about cooking. I know how to shop, and I know what kinds of things I like to make and eat.
Thinking About: What’s next. I’m trying to be really focused and present during my days with the boys. But I keep getting little nudges to step out and expand. And I don’t think I’m ready to move on to the seemingly bigger and better stuff on the other side of the grass. I’m trying to make friends, make our home welcoming and build a routine for the boys. And that’s plenty to keep me busy. The sparkly objects keep calling to me, but I’m choosing to just stay the course. The theme for our family this year was: Survive. And we’re really doing it. Next year might make way for other things, but this feels right for now.

Looking Forward to: A fun girls weekend coming up. It’ll be a whirlwind trip, but I’m really looking forward to some quality time with a dear friend and a little alone time. I’m already sad to be missing the boys for those few days, but I think it’s going to be a great weekend for all of us!


Enjoying: FALL! We have Fall! It’s amazing and wonderful and just like it is in the movies! I’ve always loved the “fall time,” but in Los Angeles it made me grumpy because the weather was always hot and miserable. Here – it’s so amazing and fresh and comforting. I knew when we decided to move that I needed to have 4 seasons in my life, and I’m so grateful we found it. I may think differently, come Winter. Fall might cause me to dread Winter – but I’m loving it so much, and tying to soak up all the colors and smells and sights. It’s amazing – COME SEE!


Learning: How to make friends all over again. Mom dating is hard. Making friends as an adult is hard. Moving to a new place where you only know 2 people is hard. But I’m trying. I’m like a freshman girl in collage. Join all the clubs! Get all the numbers! It’s working, I hope. I’ve met some really great people, and I feel welcomed and included. I have no doubt we’re going to find our village here, and our people. But I miss my other village. A lot.


Loving: Livepool jeans. I’m 100% obsessed. I got a pair from StitchFix, and it was the first time they’ve ever sent me jeans. I was skeptical…they looked just like maternity jeans with I pulled them out. Elastic band. But, I put them on and I’m converted. I want to shout it from the rooftops! All women should own a pair. They are the only jeans I’ve worn for the past 3 weeks. I’ve got my eye on a black pair next.


Fashion Encouragement

I’ve mentioned it before – I’m not a fashionable girl. I don’t dig shopping, and getting dressed in the morning is more of a chore than an exciting event I look forward to. I recently followed this 31 day series and man, did it open my eyes. The gist is this:

– Purge.

– Find my style.

– Develop a uniform.

– Invest in key (timeless) pieces.

– Don’t buy clothes at Target <– mind. blown. They never fit or last anyway, duh.

So I started with the purging. I talked about that here. 

Then I took to Pinterest. I’ve never thought about my “style.” Like I said, I’m so not that girl. But the more I pinned, the more I noticed a trend.





I liked the same things over and over again.







Simple Accessories.

Skinny Jeans – GASP!

Ok, so I’m only like a million years late to the skinnies trend. But, I totally thought I couldn’t pull them off. Confession: I thought I didn’t have the right body-type. I was too tall, or curvy or…then I read this post. Bam. WHY couldn’t I pull it off?!

So I ordered a pair. Thinking I could just wear them under my boots. No one really need to know they were skinny, no one would see my shapely calves. Then, I got bold…and I wore them with flats. I felt like my ankles were naked and vulnerable. But you know what? I loved how it looked, and even more…I loved how I felt. Crazy, huh?

At my largest size to date (minus preggo days) I feel the best about getting dressed and shopping for clothing.

Maybe it’s because I know what I’m looking for after all these years of just wandering around, dazed and grumpy at the mall.


So, how does all this random clothing talk fit into my thankfulness? Well, I’m thankful for Fashion Encouragement, and other women that are being honest about how to dress. It’s not everything, and it certainly won’t make you feel fulfilled. But, it’s one mystery in life I’m starting to get ahold of. I’m not fearful of my closet.

photo (5)


Day 10 – Fashion Genes

I’ve never been much of a fashion gal. I just didn’t get that gene you know?

Part of the reason could be because I’m not your “average” sized lady…5’12”, size 11 shoe, manshoulders…see what I’m working with?

I’ve always thought it funny that most supermodels are tall, right? So they probably have size 10+ feet, riiighhht? So where are all the things for tall girls?! I realize that if you’re on the other end of the measuring stick it’s equally frustrating. I think the world was made for a girl that’s 5’8″ with a size 6 shoe. Sigh. More power to you if you’re that girl. Wear it proud.

So I’ve always struggled in the fashion department. Merfman is a wayyy better shopper than me, and he’s happy to tag along when I’m on a clothing quest. I get easily frustrated and discouraged. So I give up. Quick. One pair of jeans is too short? A top that doesn’t make it over my shoulders and chest. Game over. I’m out.

He’s encouraging and gently suggests other options. So I face the dressing room again and eventually leave feeling successful.

5 weeks post baby I hit the fashion wall. I was sick of my maternity clothes. I was still too big for my pre-prego stuff so I was upset. We’ve all been there, right Mama’s? I’m not a fan of spending money, especially on myself, and especially on clothing. But I was on the verge of tears. I so badly wanted to feel good about myself. I didn’t want to be hard on my body or wish it was different, I just wanted to wear a pair of jeans with a zipper. Too much to ask?

So with Merfbaby in tow, Merfman and I ventured out to the stores. I braved the dressing room with his encouragement and found 2 pairs of jeans and a few v-neck tee’s that fit. Did I look like the version of me from a year ago, before pregnancy? Nope. But I felt like a million bucks. It was a huge confidence boost. Ignore the size on the tag, and focus on how you feel.

Jeans. WITH zipper. Winning.
Jeans. WITH zipper. Winning.

Shortly after my confidence boost I did something maybe a little crazy. I cleaned out my closet. Like major. It might sound nuts but it was cleansing and a little therapeutic. It was long overdue. I wanted to free myself of anything that I felt was staring me in the face, taunting “you’ll never look good in this again…you’ll never fit in these” so I donated 6 bags of things I’d had since pre-college. Things that I wasn’t even wearing pre-prego. It felt good. Really good.

But now I’m going to say that thing every girl says…I’ve really got nothing to wear. Ha!

I’m going to focus on being more intentional with my clothing. Making purchases that will last and make me feel good.

I’m following The Tiny Twig’s No Brainer Wardrobe series and it’s so encouraging. Seriously.

Something else I’m trying out: StitchFix. I know. Everyone in lady blogland drank the Kool-Aid. But it’s awesome, really. I’ve always dreamed that when I “make it” someday I’m going to hire a personal shopper. Heck, I’ll pay you in baked goods right this second if you can help me find a dress for a bridal shower high tea I’m attending later this month. Please Jesus help me with that one.

Keeping it real: If you click through my StitchFix link and get yourself a “fix” I get a credit for the referral. But you can get one too if you refer people. Clothing. Fun. Moneyz. Everyone wins!