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A Love Letter to My Town

I was sitting on the couch earlier this week, completely spent from a series of hard days. It was 7:00pm and I had put the kids to bed early. Lately, everything with the toddler has been a revolving script of “NO” and “WHY.” I settled into the couch with my dinner at my side, reaching for the remote to scroll through my recorded shows. My phone chimed with a text from a new Mama friend. We chatted for a moment and I felt myself smile. She suggested an activity for us to do the next morning and I happily agreed. I needed something to pull us out of this funk that had taken up residence in the threenager.


Last week was my 31st birthday. Yay. My husband was out of town working, and I was flying solo with kids and dogs and life. I’m not big on MY birthday, but I love celebrating. Anything that brings people together is a win in my eyes. A group of friends I’m affectionally starting to call my “Mom-Gang” offered to take me out to brunch after our favorite Barre3 workout. Brunch is my love language. Brunch with friends at a restaurant is next-level to me. We had just seated and settled when I hear my name over my shoulder. I turn, as I’m shoving puffs into the hands of my toddler, and I see a new Mom I’ve met that recently moved to town from Seattle. We exchange some small talk, she introduces her husband who’s with her, and they wish me a happy birthday. I turn back to my table-mates and they look at me wide-eyed – how long have you lived here? how do you know so many people? I shrug and laugh, as I rip open a bag of fruit snacks for my seemingly still-famished child.


In the Fall I joined MOPS. I was a healthy mix of nerves and excitement at our first meeting. I met all the ladies at my table and we exchanged contact information. After the meeting we all parted ways and I remembered that night we had dinner plans with my sister-in-law to attend the grand-opening of her friend’s new restaurant, a chicken and waffle place, and they were offering free waffles for dinner. I pulled out my phone and plugged the info in my MOPS group text, thinking all moms want a free meal their kids will eat that they don’t have to cook, right? I hit send, and never hear a word back. Later that evening our family is  gathered around a corner booth with our tribe of kids, cutting waffles and managing syrup use – when I hear my name. I turn around to see a MOPS mom and her family finishing their meal, thanking me for telling them about dinner. 15 minuets later another mom from MOPS comes through the door – her husband is out of town, and she’s so relieved to not have to cook another meal. As we’re finishing our dinner the youngest mom of our group arrives with her husband and 3 month old baby. They slide into the booth next to ours with a shy smile and a nod. I wave and thank them for coming. My sister-in-law is laughing and completely flabbergasted, you guys have lived here what, like 2 months, how do YOU know more people in here than ME?!  I smile and shake my head, equally surprised.


I was loading the dishwasher the other night, collecting the last of the kid’s plastic cafeteria style plates to rinse. I suddenly felt so thankful and happy. It hit me in a massive wave, right as I scraped mac n’ cheese into the sink. I like it here. I’m happy. I have friends. It’s working. Last night I told my husband that I haven’t met a single person here that I haven’t liked. From the grocery store cashiers to the preschool teachers to the random fellow sleep-deprived Mom in the Target – I haven’t walked away from a single interaction with anyone, with anything less than positivity.


I got an email last night from a friend that moved to town with her family at the exact same time we did. Just about 8 months ago. She paid me the sweetest compliment and said how thankful she is that we met. And it made my heart burst. I’m equally thankful for having her in my life.


I’m just brimming with gratitude. For everything. Not all day, every second of the day, but it’s the overarching theme in my life right now. And I have my town to thank for that. All this magic, and these people and the friendships. It’s not me. It’s bigger than me. Thank you, Flagstaff.



Reading: Present Over Perfect. Almost done, and man. It’s given me a few solid punches to the gut. In a good way. Have Uninvited and She Reads Truth. Also cannot wait to read the newest from my girl crush, this.
Eating: Whole 30. No surprise there. It’s October Whole 30 time! Every year for the past 3 years I’ve done a round. This is now my 4th, and it took me a few days to get psyched about it. I’ve found some new recipes and I’m excited about cooking. I know how to shop, and I know what kinds of things I like to make and eat.
Thinking About: What’s next. I’m trying to be really focused and present during my days with the boys. But I keep getting little nudges to step out and expand. And I don’t think I’m ready to move on to the seemingly bigger and better stuff on the other side of the grass. I’m trying to make friends, make our home welcoming and build a routine for the boys. And that’s plenty to keep me busy. The sparkly objects keep calling to me, but I’m choosing to just stay the course. The theme for our family this year was: Survive. And we’re really doing it. Next year might make way for other things, but this feels right for now.

Looking Forward to: A fun girls weekend coming up. It’ll be a whirlwind trip, but I’m really looking forward to some quality time with a dear friend and a little alone time. I’m already sad to be missing the boys for those few days, but I think it’s going to be a great weekend for all of us!


Enjoying: FALL! We have Fall! It’s amazing and wonderful and just like it is in the movies! I’ve always loved the “fall time,” but in Los Angeles it made me grumpy because the weather was always hot and miserable. Here – it’s so amazing and fresh and comforting. I knew when we decided to move that I needed to have 4 seasons in my life, and I’m so grateful we found it. I may think differently, come Winter. Fall might cause me to dread Winter – but I’m loving it so much, and tying to soak up all the colors and smells and sights. It’s amazing – COME SEE!


Learning: How to make friends all over again. Mom dating is hard. Making friends as an adult is hard. Moving to a new place where you only know 2 people is hard. But I’m trying. I’m like a freshman girl in collage. Join all the clubs! Get all the numbers! It’s working, I hope. I’ve met some really great people, and I feel welcomed and included. I have no doubt we’re going to find our village here, and our people. But I miss my other village. A lot.


Loving: Livepool jeans. I’m 100% obsessed. I got a pair from StitchFix, and it was the first time they’ve ever sent me jeans. I was skeptical…they looked just like maternity jeans with I pulled them out. Elastic band. But, I put them on and I’m converted. I want to shout it from the rooftops! All women should own a pair. They are the only jeans I’ve worn for the past 3 weeks. I’ve got my eye on a black pair next.



Danielle over at Sometimes Sweet does a Currently post every once and a while, and I’m a big fan of her blog (and the series) so I thought I’d share my own. Call me a fangirl.


Reading: JUST started reading Why Not Me via my library eReader system. Can I say how excited I am to have access to an eLibrary?! I’m not even through the intro of the book, so I should get moving on it before I have to renew it! I recently finished 123 Magic (ugh. toddlers) and For the Love (so good).

Eating: Whole 30. Kelly and I started the challenge last Monday so it’s been a week of no diary, booze, legumes, gluten or sugar. I did a challenge a year ago (and got pregnant!) and it was time for me to have a sugar intervention. Breastfeeding = sugar cravings! So far it’s been lots of eggs, Chicken Apple Sausage, green beans, tomatoes, apples (hello Honeycrisp) butternut squash and bananas.

Thinking About: Our someday move. We’ve been talking about it more, and strategizing for what we need to do to make it happen. So many big changes. It’s scary for me, but I’m also excited. We’ll get to experience the 4 seasons! We can have dinner together as a family more than 2 nights a week! We can have date nights!

Looking Forward to: I took a leap and emailed a women’s ministry at the church we attended back when I was pregnant with Riley. We’ve taken an unplanned extended church hiatus and it’s time to get back into the groove. I tried to “put myself out there” and make some church friends, but it didn’t stick. So I’m recommitting. I dislike being the new girl, but I’m trying. There’s a thing called Project Bag Ladies where a group gets together to sew tote bags to sell for charity. I can sew! I want to make friends! So, I’m meeting them on Monday. I did love an email I got earlier, addressing me as a ‘Bag Baby’ since anyone under 50 is baby, and anyone over is just a ‘Bag.’ Hah. Charly’s coming along too ;)

Enjoying: Black coffee + coconut milk. I’m a latte lady normally. I don’t need a fancy coffee drink (I pass on the PSL craze) but I do like a creamy coffee. Whole 30 coffee is either black or with approved coconut/almond milk. Drinking coffee ‘stripped down’ really makes you appreciate good coffee. Man. There’s some bitter/burned brews out there.

Learning: About some new music! I used to be keyed into all kinds of fun and current music. Not so much anymore. I recently found Johnnyswim and I’m really liking them. Mellow. Sweet. And I love a strong male/female sound. Oh. And I’m learning how to use Snapchat (eek!) and Periscope. I’m just getting into Snaps [daniellajoyy] but I won’t be ‘scoping – I just like following along. Jess Connolly is my current fave.

Loving: My happy little Charly baby. Man. I got lucky (#blessed) with him. Riley’s a very typical toddler – high energy and loud. And he can for sure throw a tantrum. But. He’s also really funny and sweet. Charly is mellow and laid back, just like his Daddy. When Riley’s high-need, Charly can chill and wait for me to get to him. Thank goodness. Since I solo parent most of the week it’s been so much more doable having a mellow newborn.