Your Prayers

Wednesday morning at 7:50am we’ll be boarding a flight to New Jersey.

I’d be very thankful if you could send some prayers and good vibes our way. There’s been some pretty crazy activity at LAX recently – so this Mama’s a little anxious.

Then there’s the whole traveling with a 4 month old thing…yea.

Prayers for safe travels, favor with our fellow travelers, and grace. Lots of grace.

Protection from sickness and a calm and happy baby would be nice too :)

Where ever you are traveling to celebrate Thanksgiving I pray that you and your family get there safely and have a wonderful time. Soak it up.

Each year seems to pass quicker and quicker – savor these days.



It’s a simple thing, but I often take for granted my clothing.

Yea, it can be basic and vain. But it’s also important. Clothing keeps you warm, and dry. Shoes protect your feet. Hats and sunglasses shield you from the sun.

As I get older I’m wanting less stuff. Quality over quantity.

Less is more, and more of less.

On Wednesday we’re heading back East for an epic celebration and some family adventure. It’s going to be cold and wet. I’m thankful everyone in my family has lots of warm clothing. I’m thankful we have the funds available to buy the clothing we need (and want, sometimes).