With Mamas in Mind

I’ve always been a fan of Nordsrtom’s. I mean, they always have awesome stuff and the stores are beautiful. Not to mention their customer service is awesome. You pay the price for all those wonderful things, but I always love my experiences in their stores.

As a new Mama they’ve now moved even higher up on my list, thanks to this:


photo 1


photo 2

Hello, beautiful. Seriously, this lounge in the bathroom is fancier than my living room.

They know how to make a Mama swoon. Comfy chairs. Large changing table. And a little nook away from the frightening automatic flushing toilets. Merfbaby is not a fan of how loud those things are.

I even met another Mama and her 3.5 month old baby while we were there.

So today I’m thankful for stores that provide a little oasis amidst the public chaos to Mamas.



It’s Veteran’s Day in America. I don’t have the day off from work – but I’m focusing on remembering the importance that this day represents. I have several Veterans in my family, and I have many friends that are currently serving. In our daily lives if we aren’t directly connected to someone in active service we can forget just how much they sacrifice to protect us. They miss birthdays, anniversaries and the births of their children.


All to keep us safe and free from so many of the horrors that are playing out daily around the world.

I’m so very thankful for everyone that once served, and is currently serving in our military. Regardless of what “side” your politics place you on, I believe Veterans are heroes and deserve the highest level of respect and gratitude.

If you are a Veteran, or the spouse/child/parent of someone serving – THANK YOU.


The Bossman

I have a pretty cool job. It’s not easy somedays and it can be a little crazy, but I really do like what I do. I love the logistics and working in the business that I dreamed of being in. Heck, I met Merfman on a movie set!

I’m of course thankful for my job, but I wouldn’t have my job if not for my Bossman.

I work for a writer. A pretty brilliant one. That has a kind heart, which many people might not know. Sadly, it’s rare to find good people in this place called Hollywood. But I’m so thankful that I am where I’m at.

My Bossman created a TV series that’s now in its 5 season. That TV  show has employed hundreds of people over the past few years. Cast, Crew, Vendors. We order coffee and lunch/dinner every day – those businesses (many of them small) earn their income based off our needs.

The show is a good show, quirky and smart and wonderful. It makes people happy. I read fan mail from all over the world, from people saying how much joy the show gives them. Cool, huh?

Each week the people on the crew bring a script to life. A script that’s molded and shaped from an idea. It takes late nights, long days and many cups of coffee to get an episode completed. It provides jobs.

I can buy groceries each week because I have this gig. I can save for Merfbaby’s college fund. Even cooler – I bring Merfbaby to the office with me each and every day. Because Bossman said I could. Because he cares.

There are great people in the world. Of course no one is perfect. But everyone is capable of doing little things that create good. It’s the whole stone-in-the-lake-ripple thing. Our small actions can have a much bigger impact. Many that we’ll never even know.