With Mamas in Mind

I’ve always been a fan of Nordsrtom’s. I mean, they always have awesome stuff and the stores are beautiful. Not to mention their customer service is awesome. You pay the price for all those wonderful things, but I always love my experiences in their stores.

As a new Mama they’ve now moved even higher up on my list, thanks to this:


photo 1


photo 2

Hello, beautiful. Seriously, this lounge in the bathroom is fancier than my living room.

They know how to make a Mama swoon. Comfy chairs. Large changing table. And a little nook away from the frightening automatic flushing toilets. Merfbaby is not a fan of how loud those things are.

I even met another Mama and her 3.5 month old baby while we were there.

So today I’m thankful for stores that provide a little oasis amidst the public chaos to Mamas.

3 thoughts on “With Mamas in Mind”

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