With Mamas in Mind

I’ve always been a fan of Nordsrtom’s. I mean, they always have awesome stuff and the stores are beautiful. Not to mention their customer service is awesome. You pay the price for all those wonderful things, but I always love my experiences in their stores.

As a new Mama they’ve now moved even higher up on my list, thanks to this:


photo 1


photo 2

Hello, beautiful. Seriously, this lounge in the bathroom is fancier than my living room.

They know how to make a Mama swoon. Comfy chairs. Large changing table. And a little nook away from the frightening automatic flushing toilets. Merfbaby is not a fan of how loud those things are.

I even met another Mama and her 3.5 month old baby while we were there.

So today I’m thankful for stores that provide a little oasis amidst the public chaos to Mamas.


Day 9 – Tools of the Trade

Confession: I hate shopping.

But I love seeing pretty, fun and useful things that other people find. I like that they do the leg work and then I can just mull over the price (I also hate spending $$) and pull the trigger. No retail hunting involved. Perfection.

Since becoming a Mama the things I get excited about buying has shifted. Target baby clothes anyone?!

Here are some things I’ve found make my Mama job a little easier:



Nursing pads. Kind of gross. Kind of wasteful. I like these because they do the job and you can toss them in the wash with that daily load of baby laundry. I have 2 overnight pairs and 10 day pairs so I always feel like I have enough. Sometimes I have to grab a fresh one if it’s been one of those days, but overall they’re just perfect. They also sit well under your underthings. I’ve never had one fall out or scream “hey! look what I’ve got going on under here!”

Charlie Banana 2 – in – 1 Reusable Cloth Diapers, One Size

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 11.17.24 AM

Cloth diapers. Yep. I’m one of those Mama’s. I’ll do a post on our Cloth diaper experience, but the gist is this – do not fear the cloth. We have some Bum Genius All in Ones and some Inserts, but I really love how soft the Charlie Banana’s are, and the snaps really snap. I’ve told Merfman if I’m ever going to be diapered I request to have my hiney encased in the soft delight that is Charlie Banana’s diapers.

Ergobaby Original Carrier


I know, I’m totally on the hippie train…first cloth diapers and now babywearing?! I registered for the Baby Bjorn when I was preggo because that’s the one I’d heard so much about. Now, there’s lots of opinions on hip placement in carries for babies so some people prefer the Ergo over the Bjorn. I personally use both. The Bjorn is easy to throw on for short trips, like when I carry Merfbaby onto the Paramount Lot each morning for work. He doesn’t spend much time in it so I don’t worry about his hips. For longer trips, I love the Ergo. Target. Grocery shopping. Walks. It’s always the Ergo. We received it as a gift, and I’m SO thankful we did. Merfbaby has just about outgrown the infant insert, but I know we’ll be using the Ergo for a long time.

Baby K’tan


ANOTHER carrier? Yes. But hear me out. I was looking at getting a Moby Wrap, which lots of people love and I went into the baby store (Mia and The Dragonfly if you’re a Burbank Local!) and she had me try on the K’tan and it was so easy. Yes, there’s still some assembly required but it’s not half as intimidating as the Moby. So why do I suggest another carrier? Well, for me I wanted something that was a little less “serious” looking. You know, for when you’re at a birthday party or a wedding and you don’t want to be fronting the baby in the backpack. The K’tan also rolls up into a little ball that I stuff in my diaper bag, so I can pull it on if we’re out to dinner or over at a friend’s house.

Cool Mist Ultrasonic Humidifier + Sound Spa


This is another item we were gifted and I’m so thankful for. I didn’t even think to register for one. We use it almost every night, and I love that it has the sound machine. It runs all evening,  no shutting off after 30 min. Merfman and I love that the white noise covers up the dog’s snoring :)

SwaddleMe – Cotton – Large


When Merfbaby was fresh from the hospital I would swaddle him in receiving blankets, but he quickly outgrew those. I started using the SwaddleMe when he was about 5 weeks for nighttime sleeping. For napping I still wrap him in the aden + anais blankets because they are lightweight. The SwaddleMe helps him sleep longer since his hands don’t fly around and wake him up.

California Baby Calendula Cream


I found this through internet searching for something that would help with baby acne. It didn’t cure his acne but it helped soothe his face and it smells AMAZING. Now that his acne is cleared up I still use it on his face for dry spots. His skin gets super dry and flaky around hie eyebrows, strange? Merfbaby loves the smell too, he gets the biggest grin when I put it on his face.

So, those are the items I’m loving and using right now. Merfbaby is only 2 months, so I’m sure we’ll find some new things to love too!


But I WANT it!

Last week I shared how Merfman and I are Living Like No One Else. Part of that idea is separating the NEEDS from the WANTS.

Dang, that’s hard. My Dad calls it your “want-o-meter” when you just WANT something so bad!

I’ve never been a big shopper. I was never the girl that when someone asked what my hobbies were I listed Shopping at the top of the list. No thank you, I would much rather be on a bike ride or reading a book then combing through the department store clothing racks.  That’s my idea of torture.

But, I still have wants like anyone does. My “want-o-meter” really gets charged up when I enter TARGET. That store. I love it. But man, that places can take $50 bucks from you like nothin’!!

For example, this little guy:

I was at Target grabbing some items for my Bossman and I spotted this AMAZING lamp on an endcap. I didn’t NEED it, but man-oh-man I WANTED it. There wasn’t a price tag on the little fella so I carried it over to a scanner (while talking TO said lamp) and discovered that she priced at $68!!!!! That WANT very quickly dissolved. I said my goodbyes to her and went on my way.

Dave Ramsey often talks about how much money is spent on making you spend your money. Make sense?! Marketing and Advertising is a massive industry and they are sneaky little buggers. Don’t ever think that the store isn’t laid out that way just by chance, it’s all planned out. Every endcap, each clothing section, the layout it’s a trap! I’ve fallen victim to that trap many times. You know how it goes…you just need to make a quick stop at Target to grab toilet paper and you end up leaving with a new mascara, pair of shoes and a blender. And $50 seems to be missing from your wallet.

How to avoid the trap? Well, I’ve found what works for me:

– Make a LIST. I love lists, they make me happy, and calm. If it’s not on the list, it’s not in the cart!

– Bring your CASH. Buying with cash is obvious and finite. If you only have $XX to spend, that will keep you away from the doggie lamps.

-You can LOOK but don’t TOUCH. I heard once that when you touch a new item your percentage of purchasing goes way up.

– BROWSE. I really like Target, they have some really fun and cute things. I was there last week and I walked the store looking at all the fun Fall things. I saw some really cute Plaid shirts that were calling to me, but it wasn’t on the agenda. I think I’m going to hit up the thrift store and see if I can find a knockoff version for fraction of the price :)

Dial back the “want-o-meter” and focus on the NEEDS.