But I WANT it!

Last week I shared how Merfman and I are Living Like No One Else. Part of that idea is separating the NEEDS from the WANTS.

Dang, that’s hard. My Dad calls it your “want-o-meter” when you just WANT something so bad!

I’ve never been a big shopper. I was never the girl that when someone asked what my hobbies were I listed Shopping at the top of the list. No thank you, I would much rather be on a bike ride or reading a book then combing through the department store clothing racks.  That’s my idea of torture.

But, I still have wants like anyone does. My “want-o-meter” really gets charged up when I enter TARGET. That store. I love it. But man, that places can take $50 bucks from you like nothin’!!

For example, this little guy:

I was at Target grabbing some items for my Bossman and I spotted this AMAZING lamp on an endcap. I didn’t NEED it, but man-oh-man I WANTED it. There wasn’t a price tag on the little fella so I carried it over to a scanner (while talking TO said lamp) and discovered that she priced at $68!!!!! That WANT very quickly dissolved. I said my goodbyes to her and went on my way.

Dave Ramsey often talks about how much money is spent on making you spend your money. Make sense?! Marketing and Advertising is a massive industry and they are sneaky little buggers. Don’t ever think that the store isn’t laid out that way just by chance, it’s all planned out. Every endcap, each clothing section, the layout it’s a trap! I’ve fallen victim to that trap many times. You know how it goes…you just need to make a quick stop at Target to grab toilet paper and you end up leaving with a new mascara, pair of shoes and a blender. And $50 seems to be missing from your wallet.

How to avoid the trap? Well, I’ve found what works for me:

– Make a LIST. I love lists, they make me happy, and calm. If it’s not on the list, it’s not in the cart!

– Bring your CASH. Buying with cash is obvious and finite. If you only have $XX to spend, that will keep you away from the doggie lamps.

-You can LOOK but don’t TOUCH. I heard once that when you touch a new item your percentage of purchasing goes way up.

– BROWSE. I really like Target, they have some really fun and cute things. I was there last week and I walked the store looking at all the fun Fall things. I saw some really cute Plaid shirts that were calling to me, but it wasn’t on the agenda. I think I’m going to hit up the thrift store and see if I can find a knockoff version for fraction of the price :)

Dial back the “want-o-meter” and focus on the NEEDS.

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