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So, I LOVE this weekly blog post on one of my favorite blogs The Pleated Poppy. Merfman thinks I’m a goober because I have a girlcrush on all the blogwomen I read about. What? It’s totally normal to admire women that are creative, fun, crafty and keepin’ it real yea?

So, here’s InstaFriday, it’s pretty straightforward…If you’d like to follow me on Instagram I’m DaniellaJoyy.

When we had our house painted a few months ago we had to remove the one, pre-historic, rusty, leaking rain gutter on our house. Once we saw rain was in the forecast for this week we ran to Lowe’s on Friday to buy Rain Gutters with our Wedding Gift Money. Thanks friends and family – you helped us prevent water damage!

Merfman isn’t much of a sweets person, which is a bummer because I LOVE to bake. I asked him what his favorite cookie was and he said sugar cookies. I found this recipe on Joy the Baker, had all the ingredients and pulled a batch together. You MUST make these Brown Sugar Cookies ASAP.

Before we started the rain-gutter-hanging-extravaganza on Saturday I made Waffles. Betsy couldn’t understand why I didn’t make her one. Those big brown eyes are too much!

We ended up back at Lowes on Sunday after Church to grab some more gutter supplies and spotted this menagerie. I was concerned when I realized the Christmas Tree was singing me “Jingle Bells” in OCTOBER. Not cool. I love Christmas to the max, but it’s just not the same when stores start hyping it when it’s 90 degrees outside and I don’t even have my jack-o-lantern yet.

Monday when I was driving home from the gym in my post Spin Class glow (read: nastysweaty) Merfman requested bagels. I had just burned about a zillion calories and I’ll never turn down a carb so I stopped by to grab our usual orders.

I started doing this morning devotional after reading about it on Peas And Thank You (another girlcrush) and I’m loving it. After you do your devotional you can tweet or instagram your thoughts with the hashtag #shereadstruth and there’s a whole community of women to share with. Supporting my idea that Social Network should be used for good and encouragement.

Brown sugar cookie(s) post lunch. Totally counts at 1 serving. I went back for number 2(3) just to make it even.


Happy Friday!

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