Day 21 – Growing Up on the Interwebs

Back in the day our parents did this crazy ritual where they took photos of us, with a film camera and then got the photos DEVELOPED. Nuts!

And sometimes they took those photos and put them into these things call scrapbooks. Say, wha?!

I know the art of printing photos and scrapbooking isn’t lost – but the internet has made it a rarity.

Taking and sharing photos has never been easier. Hello, smartphones, Instagram and Facebook. On that note, I’m falling more out of love with Facebook and more in love with Instagram daily. Why? Well, because as much as I love you FB friends, I really don’t care to hear about what sort of sandwich bread you used for lunch or what a terriblehorriblenogoodverybad day you’re having. Sorry. I do LOVE to see your engagements, pregnancy announcements, promotions, fist time homeownership’s, wedding albums and BABIES. Yea, I’m totally that Mama. And maybe you don’t love seeing tiny humans all up in your newsfeed. I get that too.

But it makes me wonder…soon there will be an entire generation that’s had their whole lives documented for the world to see – without them giving  their consent. 

We’ve all heard the theory, if it isn’t Facebook “official” did it really happen?

Do we need to post every single moment of our lives for the masses to view? Probably not. Do I want to share images of my son’s life with the people I love? Of course.

But, where’s the line? How much is too much? Is he going to be upset that I did this:



I hope not. I hope he chuckles at it, and thinks his little grumpybaby face is funny.

Privacy on the internet is a whole ‘nother bag of potatoes. But you can be sure that he won’t be the only kid in his elementary class with his sonogram out there floating around.





life rearranged

Liking up to share my instagram pics for the week!

If you ever venture to the San Diego Area you MUST get coffee at the Pannikin Coffee House. The Encinitas location makes me want to open a coffee house every time I’m there. This mug was a gift from two of my favorite people, both who grew up in SD.

I had to make a run to an expendable’s store this week to buy something for bossman. Seeing these reminded me of student film shoots and making sure you return each and every grip clip to the Goldroom, or they will hunt you down and fine you.

This was my first attempt at using PicMonkey. Holy goodness, this is only the beginning.

I created a little coffee shop ambiance for myself on Tuesday when I baked a cinnamon swirl cake and brewed a fresh pot of coffee in the afternoon. It was lovely. And 1/16 the price of the ‘Bucks.

Wednesday night Merfman and I were rebels, we had fun on a school night. We hung out with another friendcouple (that’s friends that are a couple) and we played Settlers of Catan. Um, why has it taken me this long to learn to play this?! Must play again, soon.

Thursday we had some high Santa Ana Winds, and this happened. We live on a street surrounded by massive pine trees. It’s like a Christmas Tree shedding it’s winter coat X100.

I took Betsy Ross on her own personalized walk Thursday. I like to walk her and Buddy together, but their strides are so different it’s not really fair. I let her pick the pace and we went nice and slow. I came back after our walk and took Buddy on his own faster paced adventure. Happy dogs.

Happy Friday!


Family, photo


life rearranged

Happy Friday! Linking up to share my pics from the week.

I made a run to Trader Joe’s to stock up on some necessities for the week. I don’t shop their normally, but I always like browsing the vino section. This bottle caught my eye, I blame it on my new love for Sugar Skull Art. We enjoyed some of it last night and we’re fans. It helps that it was affordable too!

Betsy loves the doggie bed I made her. It’s an old pillow case stuffed with the filling of an old pillow. This is her “work” bed where she naps while I work at the computer.

I like taking pictures of my dogs? Buddy, or Yellow Dragon as we call him, is not a small dog. He takes up a large amount of space and always seems to find the most inconvenient places to nap…in front of the fridge at dinner time, blocking the front door, behind my office chair. He wasn’t in the way here, just casting a very large shadow I found amusing.

Saturday morning Merfman made me breakfast. I LOVE when he cooks. He’s pro at skillet potatoes and fried eggs. Don’t worry, the sausage is a MorningStar Patty :)

Merfman and I have been working around the house on a few projects. Last Sunday we seeded the lawn in the front yard. It’s been hot this week (90 degrees in October!?) so I’ve been watering it daily to help it grow. No sprouts yet :( The two different colors are because we had different brands of seed – gotta use what ya got!!

I had to make a trip to BevMo for work (wha, my job is special) and I spotted this on the endcap. I don’t eat bacon and I’ve never been to Portland, but EVERYONE tells me how awesome VOODOO Doughnut is. I vow to go there someday and eat a non-meat pastry. I was really tempted to get this ale but refrained. I’d fulfilled my “adult beverage” line item in the budget with the aforementioned vino.

I got a LIBRARY CARD! I’m a adult! I’m currently reading a book about dog training, but I can’t wait to get a billion more books. I LOVE reading and since we’re Living Like No One Else the library is my friend.

My Mother in Law gifted me with the very pretty Mums after I’d mentioned how I’d like to get some for the front yard. A very pretty and happy surprise.

Since I was in the garden planing the Mums I noticed this pretty bloom on my Hibiscus. Makes you want to be in Hawaii, huh?

Wednesday night Merfman had to do a pick up from a film shoot north of where we live. I offered to join him. When we were unloading I noticed the sunset and snapped a photo. I thought the movie trucks made a funny skyline.

Happy Friday! Have a fun weekend :)