Day 21 – Growing Up on the Interwebs

Back in the day our parents did this crazy ritual where they took photos of us, with a film camera and then got the photos DEVELOPED. Nuts!

And sometimes they took those photos and put them into these things call scrapbooks. Say, wha?!

I know the art of printing photos and scrapbooking isn’t lost – but the internet has made it a rarity.

Taking and sharing photos has never been easier. Hello, smartphones, Instagram and Facebook. On that note, I’m falling more out of love with Facebook and more in love with Instagram daily. Why? Well, because as much as I love you FB friends, I really don’t care to hear about what sort of sandwich bread you used for lunch or what a terriblehorriblenogoodverybad day you’re having. Sorry. I do LOVE to see your engagements, pregnancy announcements, promotions, fist time homeownership’s, wedding albums and BABIES. Yea, I’m totally that Mama. And maybe you don’t love seeing tiny humans all up in your newsfeed. I get that too.

But it makes me wonder…soon there will be an entire generation that’s had their whole lives documented for the world to see – without them giving  their consent. 

We’ve all heard the theory, if it isn’t Facebook “official” did it really happen?

Do we need to post every single moment of our lives for the masses to view? Probably not. Do I want to share images of my son’s life with the people I love? Of course.

But, where’s the line? How much is too much? Is he going to be upset that I did this:



I hope not. I hope he chuckles at it, and thinks his little grumpybaby face is funny.

Privacy on the internet is a whole ‘nother bag of potatoes. But you can be sure that he won’t be the only kid in his elementary class with his sonogram out there floating around.



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