Day 22 – Mama Memory

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying – you birth a baby and along with it, part of your brain.

There was “Pregnancy Brain” and now there’s “Mama Brain.”

What happened to my “Merfett Brain?”

I’ve never had a super stellar memory. I’ve always been a list maker, note taker and a calendar maker. Mostly because I second guess myself all.the.time. Oh, and my favorite  – walking from one room in the house to the other and standing there for 5 min trying to remember why you went in there. The best.

Armed with one of my lists I went to Target last week, and at our store the greeting card section is right at the front, next to the shopping carts. It’s always a great way to remind me that I need to pick up a card for this or that. Last week I grabbed some Halloween cards to mail our niece and nephew (hi!!!) and a card for a friend’s bridal shower. With Merfbaby strapped in the Ergo Carrier I paced the section feeling like I was forgetting something…Was there a birthday coming up I needed a card for? A holiday? Celebration? Hm….it’s right there, I just can’t remember it. Oh, well. Probably not a big deal, right?

So I went about my week. It was an exceptionally busy week at work, I even missed returning a call to our Insurance guy – which I’m always on top of. He even commented that Merfman must have forgot to give me the message…nope, it was just one of those weeks.

Thursday evening I get a call from my Mom. She often calls me when she’s on her way home from work. We chat for a bit as I’m wrapping up the day and getting ready to pack up Merfbaby and head home for the night. We catch up, and then she says, “I have to tell you something you did – but, don’t get upset.” Uh – WHAT?! My mind is racing, what did I forget?! I felt like a little kid again, like I didn’t bring in the trashcan’s after she’d told me to. Did I miss something? What? What did I do wrong?! Please, tell me! Merfett personality note: I absolutely hate letting people down. Seriously, if you want to bring me to my knees just say the word DISAPPOINTED.

She gently mentions that I forgot their wedding anniversary the day before.


My wonderful parents have been married for 31 years as of last Wednesday.

And I forgot.


All I could muster on the phone, was “I’m so so so sorry, I can’t believe I forgot” over and over again.

I’m not that daughter. I always remember their anniversary – I normally have a gift and a card weeks in advance. This is was so not like me.

My ever-gracious mother just chuckled and said, well now you know what it’s like to have “Mama Brain.”

Yep, I’m there. BIG time.

Her request – that I blog about it :) Here ya go, Mom.

Happy Anniversary!


Me and my Mama Brain

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