The Days

Yesterday was a doozie. Like, “had to call Merfman on the drive home from work for a pep talk” kind of day. Yea.

Merfbaby and I had a calm evening at home (praise the Lord) and he went to bed around 8:00pm. I made (reheated) my dinner, ate and cracked open The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding. Thank you, Stephie for the suggestion!!!

I felt encouraged, less overwhelmed. I’ve never felt like I couldn’t meet Merfbaby’s needs until yesterday. It seemed like a cycle of “what? I don’t know what you need.” It further confirmed that we’re an E.A.S.Y family, and everyone is happier when we’re on our routine. Between a “distracted” nurser and a daylight savings switch we were thrown for a loop. But you know what? Tomorrow is a new day. We’ll start fresh.

I started to think about the good stuff. I really try to not let the hard stuff overshadow all the wonderful moments. Somedays it’s more of a challenge than others, but the good stuff really is good.

I never want to forget those little newborn sighs.

The gummy smiles mid-feeding when he locks eyes with me, milk dribble and all.

How he rubs his face on my shoulder when he’s getting sleepy.

The way he grasps his hands, pulls his shoulders up to his ears, opens his eyes wide and starts to giggle.

That he’s finding his voice and loves to listen to his new sounds.

How he opens his mouth so wide before he starts to laugh.

When he reaches for my open hand to pull my fingers into his mouth.

The way he curls his toes right before I put his socks on.

That little side grin.

How he loves to grab the inside of his shirt when I’m trying to dress him.

His soft hair.

When he leans forward while I’m holding him to get a better look at something or someone.

I don’t want to forget those little moments. Soon enough they’ll pass and we’ll be on to a new phase. You can’t stop the clock,  and I’m trying to savor each day and the memories they bring.

So, I’m thankful for the days. All of them. The good and the bad. Because each day I get to have  with Merfbaby is a special one.


2 thoughts on “The Days”

  1. I remember both of my aunts having a lot of anxiety about breastfeeding—it seems to be such a common thing, and it sounds like you’re handling that perfectly :)

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