Quick and Dirty

It’s Monday, again. It just keeps happening. 

It was a quick and dirty weekend. Literally. 

Manfriend got home at 5:30am on Saturday morning, gotta love splits and Friday night moves. Whoo! I didn’t make it to yoga as planned on Saturday morning, I didn’t feel like battling the elements. 

We started the day out with a late breakfast and then headed South to Torrance to visit some friends. It was a cold and gloomy day, with some rain off and on – but it was a nice to have some fall weather. Sweaters and Uggs were perfect.

Sunday we did breakfast, with the necessary:

Followed by a 3 hour trip to do our laundry. I’m getting to the end of my rope with the laundry situation…there was a creepy dude wearing a cowboy hat and belting out country songs while staring down Manfriend and I while we did our laundry…no bueno. Nothing against the hat (I own several) or the music (not my fave, but I can deal) but I really cannot handle the creep factor. I’m thinking we need to find a new laundry spot. 

We then headed to the Companion:

To try to get a grip on packing – still so much to do. But since it was muddy and we had to move Manfriend’s dirtbike we got pretty dirty. Lots of grease and mud for everyone! 

After our adventure at the Companion we headed to the West Side for “Family Dinner” and we made vegetarian tacos. Win. 

Also, how adorable are my friends? We call them Resse (for Jessey + Robby). And this is a peak at their place:

I love the way they decorated their new place, it’s adorable. They find the most awesome stuff and put it together so well. 

The weekend was over very quickly, but it was mostly productive and lots of fun with friends. I went pretty extreme on the instigram photos…I have a newfound love for them.

I busted out my REAL camera (Nikon D3000) but I need to get better at taking nice photos, I’m going to play around and try to bring it out with me more so I can become better at photographing my adventures. 

Happy Monday!