Bride Brain

You’ve all heard the term BRIDEZILLA (it’s also a lovely reality TV show) but what about my term Bride Brain? A Bride with Bridezilla symptoms is cray-cray. She breathes fire and will destroy anyone in her path that dares to challenge her wedding vision. 

A Bride with Bride Brain is kind, silly and forgetful. 

I have Bride Brain. 

Being a hyper type-A personality, I’m obsessed with being organized. I know it’s a great quality for work, since I keep track of someone’s professional life for a living. Meh. But, when it comes to personal things – unless I write that shiz on a post-it note or put it on my iCal the second you tell me…well, there’s a great chance it will be forgotten. I can tell you where all the extra toilet paper is at my bosses house, but I can’t remember if I need to buy any Charmin when I’m at Target for myself. Wow. 

We recently had a housewarming/engagement party. It was awesome, and we were so stoked to show off the house…mainly, we were super jazzed that after the party we didn’t need to spend every waking moment cleaning, laying brick or sweating our faces off working in the backyard. 

Back to Bride Brain…I love throwing parties. I love spending time with friends and family. I really love tacos and beer and s’mores. All excellent reasons to have a party, yes? I would invite everyone in the world to my parties, the more the better! My Bride Brain causes me to forget these things, and makes me leave names off of an email chain. Boo. Then I realize it after the party. Ah, man! Thanks Bride Brain!

So, in the next 57 days (wow, 5-7?!) if I forget you, or something you told me, or maybe I leave the sprinklers on too long – it’s nothing personal. It’s Bride Brain, and it’s only curable by marriage. After which, I will have Wife Brain – which is totally different…right?