Logistics of being a MRS

I’m changing my last name – well, legally I already did. And I have the Marriage certificate to prove it! It’s fun to have the same last name as Manfriend, but it’s also a lot of work to change everything over <— People don’t talk about that part.

I started with the easy, obvious (and socially most important one) changing my name on Facebook. Because we all know if it’s not “facebook official” it didn’t really happen. I accomplished that one pretty easily – FB likes to change their settings just often enough to confuse the crap outta me so I had to hunt in my settings for a bit before I found it. 

Then, based on this article from The Knot (if you’re engaged and you’re not reading the Knot – get on that right now sister) I started with my Social Security Card. In Burbank we are fortunate enough to have a SS Office just down the street from our house. I was kind of dreading this one…uh, government docs = scary. But it was so simple – I was out of there in less than 30 min and there was practically zero wait time. I recommend filing out the form online ahead of time, it makes the process that much quicker. I received my knew card in the mail as few days ago.  But what do I do with my old card? I’m thinking I’ll keep it since I can’t think of a better option. 

I also changed my email signature for work and personal. I have a new email address since my old one includes my maiden name, I just haven’t started using it yet – it’ll happen. 

I mailed off the Health Insurance form to be added to Manfriend’s awesome insurance. Motion Picture Health is one of the greatest perks of being married to a teamster, only 2nd to the free key chains from the union office. 

I’ve filled out the form to update my Passport – but I’m not so excited about the $110 fee, especially since we don’t have any current plans to travel out of the country. Hm, maybe I can wait on that one?

Still remaining are trips to the DMV (or AAA in our case) to update my DL and registration. I should get that done this week. 

Once I have my new DL I can start making the rounds to the banks and get my accounts and cards updated. My checks still list my address as my parents – oops, should probably change that. 

And finally, I need to keep practicing my new signature. It’s so strange to not sign Beintema after Daniella. I think I’ve found a signature that’ll work – but I need to practice so it doesn’t look like a 6 year old wrote it.