Squirreling Away

This morning when I pulled into the driveway, on my way home from the gym I saw something odd…well, more odd that usual. We have a very large, and very well fed squirrel population in Burbank. It’s seriously nuts (pun intended) how many of them we have living around our property. Our parkway is lined with several very old and large pine trees. This we’ll call the squirrel compound. It’s their hub, base camp and home.

Often you’ll see them chasing each other around the trunk of the trees harassing on another. They’ll venture down from the complex when in need of a meal or when they feel like playing chicken with cars passing in the street – for some reason the squirrel wins every time. For meals they enjoy snacking in the mulberry tree in our backyard. We’ll call this the commissary. They get pretty picky about letting others into their dining hall and you’ll hear them screaming at each other when an intruder has happened upon their favorite eats. Turns out they not only like mulberry’s but they also like these…

What is that you ask? I have no idea, I was hoping you could tell me.

When I pulled into the driveway this morning I noticed a squirrel trotting down the sidewalk on his way to the complex. Normal. Then I saw the lime green ball in it’s mouth. Hm. Not so normal. At first I thought it was a tennis ball. Huh, so they’re learning to play fetch now, cool.

Later when I was watering the front yard I discovered this:

What the what?! They’re using my garden at their personal pantry!


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