Betsy Ross

Meet Betsy Ross:

I asked Merfman what he wanted for his birthday a while back. He mentioned a few things, then paused and said…”well, I dunno, I guess you could see about finding a French Bulldog.” I was ecstatic! I’ve slowly been brainwashing   convincing him as to how awesome French Bulldogs are. I still get misty when I think about Stevie, the first Frenchie I adopted which later became my parent’s. We lost Stevie a year ago next month.

I started browsing the internet for French Bulldogs. It’s sad, but there are a lot of scams out there revolving around buying and selling Frenchie’s. They are expensive dogs, listed at $4,000 when sold by trusted breeders. I looked into adopting through a Rescue network but it’s difficult to qualify and many of the dogs have medical issues that require extensive care or surgery. The breed is prone to medical issues and many people don’t know this when they buy a puppy. Later they surrender them because it’s too difficult to deal with.

I emailed Hollywood French Bulldogs  when I found them online. I was requested to fill out an application to see what type of dog I was looking for. I filled out the application and included a touching story my Dad wrote about Stevie when we lost her. Shortly after I received an email back from them, with several suggestions. I knew we couldn’t afford a $4,000 puppy, so I was very interested when they mentioned an older dog was being retired from breeding and needed a forever home.

I was introduced to Hilsman’s French Bulldogs and we started talking about Betsy, a 5 year old female they were looking to retire and re-home. She was a former show dog, with 3 litters of puppies.

She’s as pretty in real life as she looks in those photos :) Betsy and her brother were born on the 4th of July and were named Betsy Ross and Thomas Jefferson! Several of Betsy’s puppies have found homes in Los Angeles with other people that work in Film and TV. It’s like she was destined to come to Hollywood!

After several emails and calls about logistics it was arranged for Betsy to be flown out to LAX. I picked her up on September 6th, Merfman’s birthday :) I loved her immediately. She’s sweet and calm, laid back and fun. Buddy, the Yellow Dragon  Lab is also a big fan. They play and nap together all day long. Buddy even taught Betsy how to use the doggie door :)

Since I work from home Betsy is never more than a few feet from me. She’s follows me around all day and loves napping by my feet while I work at my desk. She loves her doggie beds, yes beds. She loved her first one so much I got her a second one to keep in the living room. Merfman and I loving refer to her as our Princess <— Yep, we became those dog people.

I cannot thank and recommend Hollywood and Hilsman French Bulldogs enough. Such kind and wonderful people that helped add a new member to our little family.

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