Tangent Thursday

My lamebrain won’t form any complete thoughts so a Tangent Post is what’s on the agenda for today.

1. I’m loving the grey Fall weather today. I’m even wearing a scarf!

2. I’m not so much loving the rain on my freshly waxed car. Meh, at least it’s clean under that rain water.

3. Betsy Ross had a trip to the groomer today, courtney of a coupon. Girlfriend is looking fly for a steal of a deal. And she smells awesome!

4. I am HUNGRY. I ate breakfast and lunch, but I cannot shake my hangry pants. It may be time for some tea and toast after this post. Mmmmm….

5. Since it’s the first rain day in LA I’m not looking forward to driving over the hill to pick something up from a studio lot. I don’t wanna go, don’t make me.

6. I cannot vacuum the house enough. Having a Dyson may contribute to this phenomenon. That thing is Ah-maz-ing.

7. Christmas shopping. I’m already afraid of the stores and the lines and the fighting over parking spaces. Can’t we all just hug and love each other?

8. I’m making mini-pies for our pre-family Thanksgiving next Sunday. It shall be marvelous.

9. Manfriend is working ugly hours. Like coming home the day after the day he went to work. Make sense? It’s yucky.

10. I don’t know how many people read this blog. But if you do, thank you. I’d like this blog to become something. I don’t know what that something is…hm. I’ll just keep writing and we’ll see what happens?

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