Baby Brain Dump

So, the news is out and it’s so nice to FINALLY talk about Merfbaby!

We found out on November 14 and I was just 4 weeks at the time. Really early! So early in fact, that when I took a pregnancy test the positive line was almost not visible. I took the test, then called Kelly up to see the result – we both sort of looked at each other and said, “well, I think we’re pregnant?” Ha! Not the dramatic scene you were hoping for, eh?

2 weeks later I went to the doctor, took another test (positive) and was referred to an OB.

At 8 weeks we met our OB, who we both really like. She’s very calm and easy going. I also like that the practice she’s with is all women and they share weekends during the month. Meaning, if I have the baby over the weekend and it’s not “my” doctor’s weekend I’ll know the other women that would be there for the delivery. Merfbaby is going to be born in the same hospital where Merfman was born XX years ago ;)

So, at the 8 week appointment we got to see our jelly bean Merfbaby.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 2.29.32 PM


It was so cool to see the heart beat and know that there’s really something going on in there! I was starting to “feel” pregnant at that point, the nausea kicked in almost exactly at 8 weeks. I had many, many dinners of Saltine Crackers and Ginger Ale. At one point I couldn’t take it any more and made a trip to the health food store to buy some Ginger pills. Those helped BIG time. I had good days and bad days, mostly it just felt like being hungover for days and days on end. No fun. But I knew it could always be way worse so I tried not to complain.

We told our parents and families on Christmas. We told Merfman’s parents on Christmas Eve, and my family on Christmas Morning. We gave each of our Mom’s a card and inside the card was a copy of the above ultrasound and we wrote “Merfbaby, coming July 2013.” Everyone was really happy, it’s the first grandchild on my family’s side, and oh has Momma-son been waiting ever so patiently to be a Grandma! Merfbaby will even have 2 Great Grandparents!

Over the next few weeks we told close friends, co-workers and then the INTERNET. We all know, until it’s announced on the interwebs, it’s not official.

I had two more ultrasounds on my 12 week mark – my rollover happens on Thursdays. I’ve had my blood work, and the first part of the Down Syndrom Screening and everything is looking good. I was really fun to see Merfbaby at the 12 week appointment, it looks like a BABY now! I had one ultrasound in the morning, and Merfbaby was sleeping on its back. After some poking from the tech Merfbaby squirmed and then rolled over with its back to us. My second appointment was after lunch (and a PopTart) and Merfbaby was jumping all over the place! I promise I’m eating healthy though :)

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 12.53.07 PM

I’ve been feeling pretty good for the past few days (knock on wood) and the nausea seems to be just about done. My energy level is back up to almost normal, although I do LOVE a good afternoon nap :) I find that at the end of a long day I’m exhausted and I’m sleeping pretty well. I’m a tummy sleeper so I’ve been working on side sleeping since I was 8 weeks. I’ve also noticed that I may need to invest in some more pillows for comfort’s sake.

I’ve read one book so far, “The Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy.” It’s not the most medically based – but it’s a good intro to all the fun things involved with growing a human. I ordered “Baby Wise” on Amazon and it arrived last night, I’m looking forward to reading that. I’ve also heard good things about “Baby Whisperer” so I may order that too. I don’t think I’m going to ready “What to Expect…” I’ve heard it can be really dense. Any other good reads?

What else…


Merfbaby is due July 25, 2013. 3 DAYS before our 1 year Wedding Anniversary. We keep saying we’re going to either celebrate our anniversary in the hospital, or with with a Merfbaby in our arms!

We plan to find out what flavor we’re having too ;) Since I go to all the baby doctor appointments solo (yay for Merfman working on a TV show!)  I’m planning to have the doctor write down the gender on a paper, and put it in an envelope for me. Then, Merfman and I will open it together. We don’t have any preference boy v. girl all we care about is that Merfbaby is healthy.

We’ve talked a little about names, but we don’t plan to share that until Merfbaby arrives.

I don’t know if anyone is going to read these (besides Momma-son) but I’m planning to write updates to remember the pregnancy and all the changes going on.

We’ve taken a few “bump” photos, I’ll try to post those soon. There’s not much to “show,” ha!

8 thoughts on “Baby Brain Dump”

  1. I LOVE this- keep the updates coming- this is so much fun and I’m super excited for you!!! I laughed out loud at the PopTart bit. Hey- treats are okay once in a while, right?

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