Burrito Tears

I’m not a tearful person. It’s rare that I cry unless I’m REALLY upset. That usually occurs after a too-long period of holding  my emotions all bottled up. <– Oh yes, Merfman has his hands full with me sometimes ;)

So, these pregnancy hormones  – let me tell you, it’s no joke. I’ve cried about more things in the past 3 months than I have in the past few years. Case and point I’ve had a few meltdowns and some massive ugly cry episodes. Merfman has been witness to several waterworks shows.

So, we’ve had a busy weekend. Birthdays (I’m 27 now?) and family in town visiting from El Paso :)

We hosted  a birthday celebration on Saturday night, which I love. I enjoy hosting and having people over. When all the food was cooked, eaten (yum), dishes washed, and house back in order I was a tired panda. So for Sunday I wasn’t planning to cook. Take out was on the menu, Mexican was high on my list.

We have a good little Mexican place around the corner from our house, and it’s always our go-to for easy dinners. I had been craving a vegetarian burrito all afternoon and was really looking forward to a night of no dishes.

Merfman had a really long (short) day at work. He left the house at 2:30am, and was home around 5:00pm since they didn’t shoot yesterday. He was exhausted and hangry when he got home. I made him a snack and he crashed on the couch for a few hours. I lounged and had a small snack, knowing dinner was around the corner. When Merfman woke up I asked if he wanted me to order dinner. He wasn’t really hungry since his snack was holding him over. I waited a while, asked again and he just wanted a beef taco with cheese.

I called to place the order: Vegetarian Burrito, Beef Taco with Cheese. Ready in 10 min.

I zipped over to pick up our order, and there was some confusion. They had my order ready (I checked the receipt) but my name wasn’t on the tag like they normally do. No biggie. I was getting hangry and was so ready to just eat my delicious burrito I’d been dreaming about for the last several hours.

Home I went, mouth watering. Merfman and I got situated, unwrapped our orders and he said, “wait, what’s this?” I had just taken a big bite out of my burrito and looked over to realize that he was holding a vegetarian TACO. My mind flashed…did they mix up the orders?! Was I holding a beef BURRITO?!

Then, the tears started. I was SO upset. And beyond hangry. I JUST wanted to eat my burrito I sobbed to Merfman. I was convinced my burrito must be Beef since his taco was vegetarian. Merfman grabbed the receipt and confirmed that the order was listed as correct. He was dialing the restaurant to fix the order as I took some exploratory bites into my “beef” burrito to  find that it was in fact, meatless. Between tears I told Merfman it was ok, my burrito was fine.

As I dried my tears I apologized over and over to Merfman for making such a big deal over the burrito. He just smiled and assured me it was ok, it wasn’t my fault and the hormones made me do it.


Is that normal?! To cry over the dumbest stuff ever? Hello First World Problems.

Or, should I call it, Pregnant Lady Problems….


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