Merfbaby the Pile of Oranges

Merfbaby is 31 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.25.40 PM Screen Shot 2013-05-23 at 12.26.28 PM

Weighing around 3.3 lbs! And he’s getting ready for a big growth spurt.

How I’m Feeling: Really good. Merfman asked me today how I was doing and I said that I think compared to other women at 31 weeks I’ve got it easy :) I don’t feel huge or swollen, so that’s a plus. I had a emotional meltdown last Friday. It started over something small and then blew up, and I finally came out with “I’m scared.” Yep. That was it. I’m worried about the baby. It’s hard feeling so helpless to control anything to do with the baby. I can only take care of me, the rest is in God’s hands. I had a good ugly cry all over Merfman’s shoulder and we talked it out. I think that’s only the 2nd meltdown I’ve had the whole pregnancy, remember this? So I like to think I’ve spared him a whole bunch of crazy.

Belly/Weight: Up 2lbs at this week’s doctor appointment. I’m at a total of 28. Belly is getting more pointed looking? And throughout the day when he’s moving around it takes on odd shapes. Dr said he’s head down low and I feel his back and butt pushing out on my tummy a few times a day. It’s so strange to look down and see him all on one side.

Life Changes: It’s starting to feel “real” now. I know the end of my pregnancy is coming and the next phase will start soon enough. I don’t feel “done” with being pregnant. I feel like physically I’m not ready for Merfbaby to come, since we still have some work to do on the nursery. Emotionally, I don’t think we’ll ever feel ready. We’ll just take that one step at a time. That’s been my biggest prayer for Merfman and I during this pregnancy, that we would be strengthened as husband and wife and start to be shaped to become parents.

Movement: He’s pushing out with his butt/back more and more. I can feel him roll from one side of my tummy to the other. When the Dr was using the tool on my tummy to hear his heart he kicked her hand a good 5 times. He’s quick to let me know if he doesn’t like the way I’m laying. If I switch sides at night and pause on my back he kicks or if I roll to a new side he’ll kick too.

Sleep: Like a rock. Merfman got home after midnight last night and I was out. He gave me a kiss goodnight and I mumbled to respond. I couldn’t form words and told him this morning I remember him coming home like it was a dream. I’m thankful I’ve been sleeping so well. I wake up at least once a night for a potty break and I don’t even question it. I roll out of bed the moment I’m awake, do my thing and get back in bed. I figure the sooner I take my potty break the sooner I can get back to sleep.

Cravings: Berries and fruit. Since all the berries are in season and so much cheaper at the store I’m stocking up big time! I really like having some ice cream after dinner with some berries too :)

Exercise: Prenatal workouts. I found a few other videos on YouTube that I like so I do those after work when I get home. They are 3rd trimester workouts so there’s lots of sitting on exercise balls and leg/back work to help get things strong for labor. Maybe that’s another reason why I’ve been sleeping so well?

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Talking to a co-worker who’s wife had their baby last week. I like hearing about different birth stories. I know each one is different but it’s interesting to know what other people go through. It’s so awesome to see how happy he is talking about his wife and son. Makes me all mushy inside :)

On My Mind: We made a lot of progress clearing out the nursery last weekend, tomorrow we’re going to pick out a paint color and Momma-son and I are going to Hobby Lobby (my first time!) to buy fabric and things. I’m excited. My first babyshower is next weekend too :)

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