Merfbaby the Cabbage

Merfbaby is 30 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.39.19 AM Screen Shot 2013-05-17 at 11.52.14 AM


Only 10ish weeks to go! Ah! It feels like the weeks are going faster now!

How I’m Feeling: Good, a little tired still but staying active seems to help. Sometimes I wish I could take afternoon naps though ;)

Belly/Weight: It’s getting harder to dress the belly since it’s getting bigger each week. Not sure about weight, I have a Dr appointment on Tuesday. I weighted myself for the first time outside the doctor’s office this week when I was at the gym and I was up 2 lbs from my last appointment a few weeks ago.

Life Changes: It was nice to be celebrated a little for my first pre-mother’s day. I spent the whole weekend in the kitchen cooking and got a few gifts from family and some text messages wishing me a happy mother’s day. Seem’s crazy to think this time next year I’ll be a mom to a full on baby.

Movement: Lot’s of rolling and pushing around going on in there. Sometimes I look down and see my tummy in a funny shape. He’s always letting me know when he doesn’t like the way I’m laying down. If I switch sides in the middle of the night he’ll kick like crazy until I switch back.

Sleep: I’ve slept a lot better this week. Kelly’s snoring is much better so I haven’t had to wear my ear plugs as much which is nice.

Cravings: Lots of fruit and frozen yogurt. I had it twice this week :)

Exercise: Walking. Prenatal Yoga. Swimming. I found some YouTube videos of a few prenatal yoga sessions I like.  Since he’s getting bigger I feel like I need to sit up more and stretch so he and I both have enough room. Especially in the morning’s I’m breathless and I need to take some deep breaths.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Thinking more and more about him coming. Merfman and I have talked a few times about what we think his personality will be like. And who’s traits he’s going to get. I really hope he get’s Merfman’s social skills, he’s always able to make friends and talk with anyone. Oh, and we ALMOST thought we had to name him this week! I bought tickets for a trip to NJ (wedding time, whoo!) in November and the site kept asking for a full legal name for Merfbaby. Uh? It seems odd to have to name him for reals before he’s here. So we’ll add him to the flight later. It’s no charge since he’ll be sitting in our lap so it’s not a biggie. We also took a tour of the hospital, it’s starting to feel real now. The rooms are all very nice and they explained where I’ll labor and deliver and then what room I’ll be in for recovery. We’re planning to labor at home for as long as we feel comfortable since the hospital is less than a block and a half from our house.

On My Mind:  The nursery. We don’t really have anything ready for Merfbaby. Well, except for an awesome kitchen sink for him to splash in ;) We’re hoping to make some progress on the nursery this weekend. I have my baby shower’s coming up in a few weeks which is exciting too.

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