Merfbaby the Butternut Squash

Merfbaby is 29 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 10.45.34 AM
Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 11.14.50 AM

About 2 1/2 pounds and a little over 15 inches long.

How I’m Feeling: Hello 3rd Trimester sleepies! Sometimes I’m so sleepy and fatigued at work, boo. I try to take an afternoon walk when it’s hitting me the hardest so that’s helping. I’m a little out of breath sometimes, I think he’s pushing around in there and taking up extra space around my lungs? I take deep breath’s often.

Belly/Weight: Still no tummy stretch marks, yay! My belly button hasn’t totally popped but it’s really flat. I wonder if it really will pop? My Mom said that it doesn’t always happen. Not sure on the weight, I’ll find out at my next Dr appointment.

Life Changes: The La Leche League meeting last week was helpful, and I’m planning to read a book about breastfeeding. I just need to get to the library to check out the one I want. On a vain note…my hair is out of control. I need a haircut so badly. I’ve had more bad hair-days than good lately :( I realized this morning when I was trying to tame my mane that I haven’t had it cut since before Christmas. Yikes. It’s full and pretty, but there’s way too much of it. I don’t want to chop it all off since I may like being able to pull it back into a bun during labor and post baby. But, it’s really tempting to go back to a shorter cut.

Movement: He wasn’t super active on Tuesday but yesterday and today he’s bouncing around in there! Last night he did the craziest flip when I laid down for bed and it made me laugh. He’s getting bigger in there so I’m sure there less room for stretching. I feel lots of pushing and pressure.

Sleep: We’ve been going to bed around 8pm or 9pm most nights this week and I’m still not wanting to pull myself out of bed for a morning gym session. Ugh. My sleep is broken up with rolling over and potty breaks so it’s not solid sleep, but it’s deep and I’ve had some crazy dreams. I justify sleeping in a little by thinking that this will be that last few weeks of my life when I’ll be able to ;)

Cravings: Fruit. Scones are sounding really yummy too. I’ve seen a few recipes I’ve wanted to try. Might have to get some baking done :)

Exercise: More walking. I try to get some walking done in the afternoon around the neighborhood by our office. It was raining and grey earlier this week but the weather is much nicer now. I really want to get back into the pool next week and get some swimming in. That really is my favorite way to exercise but I haven’t made it to the pool gym in several weeks. We’ve been busy around the house and running errands on the weekend so I’m getting lots of time on my feet too. Don’t worry, I take breaks ;)

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Not totally Pregnancy related, but Merfman and I have been able to enjoy a few dinners together in our new kitchen, at our island bar top! It’s so nice to sit at a table, eat and have a conversation about our days. Makes it feel like we’re normal people who work regular jobs!

On My Mind: More nesting projects. We’re hopefully 100% done with the kitchen after this weekend so we can start working on the nursery. I’ve been working on cleaning out closets and getting things donated. I hate how it always looks worse before it gets better. Pulling everything out and then sorting it before putting it back is always crazy. I’ll be so happy to start putting the nursery together.

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