Merfbaby the Rutabaga

Merfbaby is 25 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 1.28.08 PM Screen Shot 2013-04-11 at 1.28.41 PM

Weighing about 1 1/2 pounds about the size of an average rutabaga.

How I’m Feeling: Round. My tummy is sticking out so much more this week, it’s pretty obvious that I’ve moved on from the “is she pregnant, or just packed on the lbs?” I’ve still had some lower back pain so I’m trying to stretch through that. I find that it’s difficult to get into a comfy position on the couch, and I end up switching positions several times. Getting up off the couch is also getting a little harder. To get out of bed I roll on my side, hang my feet off the bed and push myself up with my hands. It’s almost impossible for me to use my abs to pull myself up.

Belly/Weight: Belly is getting bigger! It’s crazy to look at sometimes. I can still see my feet, but probably not for much longer. No stretch marks  but I HATE the way my belly button feels. It’s so icky! It’s still an innie, but the top part is pushing out a little and it feels numb and strange, I hate touching it. I’m not looking forward to it popping out. Yucky.

Life Changes: Maternity pants are no fun. I have one pair of jeans and I’m starting to despise them. I’m so much happier and more comfortable in a dress or work out pants. People raved about maternity pants, and yea – I get that they fit, but that’s about it. They sag and fall down, boo. My work out pants hit me right across the lower part of my tummy so I normally tug them down and wear them low. I really like wearing dresses with cardigans, I’m hoping to get some more skirts that I can wear post-baby too. Old Navy has some cute ones, it’s just dumb how expensive all the maternity clothes are! I have two “maternity” shirts and the rest of my shirts are normal. I don’t want to spend money on a bunch of clothes I’ll only wear for another few months. At least with dresses you can wear them after the baby, and with the weather warming up I think I’ll be happier in them. Kelly got me a great pair of lululemon work out capris that fit me perfectly, he’s said I’m allowed to buy another pair and I may have to take him up on the offer. Yes, they are expensive, but I’ll wear them long after Merfbaby arrives.

Movement: All kinds of movement! I don’t think he likes it when I lay on my back, even for a second, so he starts going nuts kicking. Sometimes I poke my tummy a little at night before bed so feel him move before I go to sleep. He surprises me sometimes when his kicks are hard, it takes my breath away a little.

Sleep: I’ve been sleeping hard the past few days. I still wake up in the middle of the night a few times, but I’m feeling rested when my alarm goes off in the morning. I had a depressing thought the other night…at 3am during my nightly potty break I wondered when the next time I’ll be sleeping through the night will be? Um, never. I’ll be up every night from now until Merfbaby arrives, and THEN the fun starts! Maybe when he’s in Jr High?

Cravings: Waffles! I really want an Eggo waffle with syrup. Funny, huh? I may have to make waffles for dinner tomorrow :)

Exercise: We walked around a lot on our vacation, but I haven’t been very active this week. The wind was blowing really hard so I didn’t get my afternoon walks in. And sleeping has sounded so much more enjoyable than a 7am spin class. I did my share of “vacation eating” over the Babymoon, so I’ve been good about getting back on track with lunches and dinners this week though.

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week: Noticing how much bigger my belly is! On Sunday before we left the Babymoon Kelly took some bump photos and I was amazed at how I really look preggo now. It’s crazy! Our Babymoon was also really amazing. We talked a lot about Merfbaby and our future and all the things we’re looking forward to.

On My Mind: Nesting. Our kitchen is coming together. Merfman has been working hard all week getting things done. The house is a little upside down, but we’ve managed to cook dinner every night. I’m getting anxious about clearing out some clutter and getting the nursery started so I think I’m going to start to work on that over the weekend. Since Merfman is off work for a few more weeks I can have him help me move furniture :)

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