Merfbaby the English Cucumber

Merfbaby is 26 weeks!

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.16.18 AM Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 11.16.46 AM

About 14 inches long and 15 weeks to go!

How I’m Feeling: Waddle, waddle. My bionic ankle is a little stiff and swollen, mostly due to the strange weather. I’ve had some aches on the ride side of my tummy. It’s worst in the morning when I’m rolling over or getting out of bed. It feels like a burning right under my skin, lots of stretching happening! I’m more tired in the evenings especially if I’ve been busy around the house after work. Last night I was busy cooking and baking in the kitchen until 10pm! So I slept awesome last night :)

Belly/Weight: My belly button freaks me out. I hate if I touch it, it feels so strange. Clothing rubbing doesn’t bother me just yet, but I might have to stick a band-aid over it when it starts sticking out more. I’ve had a brown line on my tummy for a few weeks and it seems to be getting darker. I’ve also noticed that my tummy bumps into my desk at work more often now. Sorry, Merfbaby!

Life Changes: Getting dressed in the mornings is becoming a fun task. I normally stand when I get dressed, but now I need to sit on the bed to put my pants on. So fun. Putting lotion on my legs is funny too, my tummy hits my leg when I bend over which is a funny feeling.

Movement: Sometimes I feel him roll over! It’s so crazy! It’s like when you ride a roller coaster and your tummy flips, but you don’t expect it at all. I make a funny face when it’s happening because it’s such a crazy feeling. His kicks are mostly soft, just letting me know he’s ok in there. But every now and then I get a big smack! If he’s going really crazy when I’m sitting on the couch at home I’ll pull up my shirt and watch my tummy bounce. I’ll have to take a video when he’s going crazy sometime.

Sleep: I love my ear plugs. Seriously, they save me. If there’s any noise that’s bothering me I pop them in and I’m off to dream land. I’ve taken to “love patting” Merfman on the hand when he starts snoring, poor guy. But I try to hold his hand after so make it less traumatic when I wake him.

Cravings: Nothing major this week, but In N Out always sounds good :) We were talking about ice cream shops at work this week and someone suggested milk shakes…so, obviously we had to make that happen! My craving’s enabler (our PA) made a run for shakes and all was well :) I was only able to drink about 1/3 and I had to put the rest away, too sweet!

Exercise: I got some gym time in! Yay! Less and less of my work out shirts are fitting so I’m having to wear larger cotton shirts, ugh…working out in cotton is awful. I’ve been pretty busy around the house, up and down the stairs so that counts as a work out, right?

Favorite Pregnancy Moment this week:  Momma-son showed me a few things from my baby shower decorations! So cute! And it’s a theme I’ve never seen for a shower, I can’t wait! I’ll have to take lots of photos, I know it’s going to be adorable.

On My Mind:  This was such a sad week for so many families. Between Boston and now Texas there’s so much pain all over the country. I also read about an abortion doctor on trial for doing awful, horrible things in Philadelphia. And hearing about that 8 year old boy that died from the Boston explosions wrecked me. I was in my first trimester when the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary happened, so I’ve had a heavy heart for much of my pregnancy. So many families have lost loved ones, and it makes me realize how blessed I am to be starting my family and that I can’t take one second of it for granted.

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