Riley’s First 2 Weeks

Weight: He was 8lb 14oz at birth, and 8lb 11oz before we left the hospital. We haven’t weighed him since. He’s eating well and has PLENTY of diapers so I know he’s hydrated and fed. I have no idea what my weight is…but I have a feeling that I’m down at least 8lb 14oz ;)

Health:  He’s a champ! He doesn’t event spit up or really burp after feedings. He did have some eye goop that we Googled. It was like serious eye crust. I knew it wasn’t pink eye because it wasn’t red, but it was goopy. Google told us that he had a clogged tear duct. We needed to wipe his eyes clean with a wet soft cloth as often as needed, and then massage his ducts (just under the corner of his eye). I could also put some expressed milk on his eye. Breast milk has a ton of antibacterial properties. It’s already much better than it was 2 days ago. I love the internet. We’re so spoiled that we can google-parent :) 
Sleep: At night he’s up about every 2.5 – 3 hours. His naps during the day are a little inconsistant, he’s been fighting sleep during the day. He’ll have such sleepy eyes and nod off, only to wake up 5 min later. We’re napping in the nursery during the day, and sleeping in the Pack n Play in our bedroom at night. I’m up about 30 – 45 min for each feeding/change at night so it’s not too bad. He goes back to sleep pretty well too. We try not to let him sleep on us too often, and he’s really good about soothing himself to sleep most of the time. We’re following the Baby Whisperer’s EASY routine…Eat, Activity, Sleep, You time. It’s really helpful because we can know when he’s hungry or just wanting to suckle to soothe. We started using a pacifier for sooting since we figured it was cleaner than having him suck on our pinky finger. He’ll soothe with the pacifier and then we’ll pop it out before he’s totally asleep. 
Nursing: Getting the hang of it. In the hospital I saw two Lactation Consultants. Riley was latching on one side, but not the other, and the side he latched on I could tell it wasn’t a good latch because it hurt. He’s a big hand sucker so he’ll suck on the front part of his mouth, which isn’t ideal. After some stoping and starting I can correct him and he’ll latch better. If he’s HANGRY he’ll latch wrong, but we’re getting better. He’s efficient and nurses for about 10 – 15 min. I do have to work to keep him awake so he gets a full feeding but I think we’re doing well. I was so lucky that my milk came in 2 days after he was born. I’ve pumped a little to help keep from getting engorged, and hot showers help a ton too. I haven’t started saving my milk, but I will in another week or so. I don’t want to cause myself to oversupply. 

What Riley is up to: Eating, Pooping, Sleeping :) That kid can make some serious diapers. He LOVES to mess up a clean diaper the second you slide it under him. We’ve had some epic diaper changes. And I’m getting much faster and better with keeping a washcloth over him when we do a change. He’ll get you if you’re not quick enough! Every day he’s a little more alert. I love sitting with him when he’s looking around. He makes the best faces. 

PostPartum: I’m feeling more like myself each day. No signs of the baby blues…not sure if I’ll avoid those? I haven’t had a hormonal meltdown, but getting decent sleep and having a very helpful Merfman makes all the difference. I tired on a pair of my pre-preggo jeans, but they didn’t quite fit. Maybe in another week? I can’t wait to get cleared in a few weeks to start working out again. I’ve missed that. 

Baby Gear: Huggies. We’re doing disposals for the first bit, then we’ll switch over to cloth. We’ve found that we prefer the Huggies style over Pampers. Aden + Anais Swaddling Blankets, they are bigger and lighter-weight than the receiving blankets. Fisher-Price bouncy chair, we put him in his chair when we’re in the living room and he loves hanging out and looking around. Sometimes he’ll nap in it too since it tips back and locks into a mini-crib. 

 Thoughts: He’s awesome and such a good baby.  I never thought I would love the baby-baby phase, but I really do love hanging out with him. Yea he’s small and needy, but he’s getting bigger each day. He already looks so much different than he did last week. I’m DREADING having to go back to work eventually. I don’t want to miss all those daily moments with him. I know we’ll find a child care solution, but I’m not looking forward to it. We’re pretty relaxed parents, we’re cool with people holding him and taking him out to dinner or to the store with us. We’ve been out quiet a few times and he’s been so good. I know it’s easy now because he sleeps so much and he’s really portable. 



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