Riley’s 3rd Week

Weight: He’s a BIG boy. Today we had his 2 week doctor visit and Riley weighted 10lbs 11oz!!!! He was 8lb 14oz a birth, and 8lb 11oz the day we left the hospital. In 2.5 weeks he gained 2lbs. The nurses and the doctor were very impressed. Hooray for breastfeeding! That puts him in the 90% for weight, and he’s still off the charts for height (23″). No idea what my weight is…I don’t even really care to know. It’ll come off in time. I am burning an extra 500 cals a day breastfeeding though :)

Health:   I told Merfman this morning I felt like going to his doctor appointment was like getting graded for a test I’ve been taking for the past 2 weeks. I think it’s safe to say we passed :) He still has some eye goop, but it’s getting better. He’s also has the mandatory baby acne :( I hate seeing all the bumps on his little face. I know it doesn’t bother him, and it’ll go away in time. His belly button stump it still hanging on. I thought for sure it would be gone by now…but the doctor said it can hang out for 42 days!
Sleep: He’s napping in pretty regular intervals during the day. Sleeping for 1.5 – 2 hours and waking up to eat. At night he goes from 2 – 4 hours between feedings. Last night I got a 4 hour stretch :) That’s from the start of one feeding to the next so if I need to pump after he feeds that takes me another 15 – 20 min so I’m up almost an hour from the time he wakes up, eats, diaper/outfit/bedding (leaks) change, pumping and the I get back in bed. I appreciate when he goes 3 hours. Sure I’m tired when he wakes in the middle of the night, but it’s not awful. I’m functioning fine and I try to get a nap during the day at some point when he’s napping. My morning coffee has become something I look forward to :)
Nursing: 2lbs of weight gain makes me think we’re doing just fine! I’ve started saving and freezing my pumped milk. In the next week or two I’ll need to see if he can take a bottle since I’ll be going back to work soon. Nursing is still a little uncomfortable. I’m looking forward to not being so “sensitive.” He has a good latch, but when he first starts it’s painful.

What Riley is up to: He’s more alert when he’s awake which is fun. He makes silly faces and looks around. I know Merfman is looking forward to him being a little more active. He’s also starting to hold it head up and he kicks his legs like crazy and waves his arms around when he’s awake.

PostPartum: I love getting out of the house at least once a day. Riley and I run errands and go shopping together. It’s fun to have a little partner and he’s so good when we’re out and about. I go a little stir crazy sitting around the house and I feel so much better if I can get a shower and dressed by a decent time…decent meaning before lunch :) Still can’t get into my pre-preggo jeans, but soon I’m sure. I’m eating right, drinking a ton of water and trying to stay rested and get sleep while I can. Overall I feel really good and I’m so thankful I had an easy recovery. 

Baby Gear: Swing Chair. I put him in the swing while I take a shower and it keeps him happy long enough for me to get ready. We have it upstairs in our room so I leave the bathroom door open so I can hear him while I get ready. Britax B Agile Stroller. We really love our stroller. It’s easy to maneuver, light and folds up easy. And it totally fits in my Mini Cooper! People think I’m crazy, but Riley and I do just fine in my car.

Thoughts: I read lots of different blogs, and this one has had me grabbing the tissue each time I read. We are so blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby. Even before I was pregnant I was very concerned about the health of our baby. SO many babies are born with complications. When I was pregnant and everyone asked if we wanted a boy or a girl we would always say we just want a healthy baby. That was the number one prayer. The other night when I was bending over his crib settling him down to sleep I prayed and thanked God for every cry, every middle of the night feeding, and every diaper. Even when it’s hard or I’m tired each of those things are a blessing and a reminder that we have a healthy baby.

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