Mommy Tears

The internet can be a cruel place. If you’ve ever spent any time on forums or skimmed through the comments on blog posts you know I mean. I see so much unkindness on the web, and so many strangers tearing each other down. I’ve heard countless stories of cyber bullying which often makes me wonder if the constant access to the internet and social media does more harm than good?

But then I see the good in the connections.

I started reading blogs 2 years ago. Health, Fitness, Family, Lifestyle…all kinds. I feel like I know these people, like the’re friends. I share in their triumphs and joys, and my heart aches for their challenges and losses.

One of those blogs is called Hormonal Imbalances, written by Diana Stone. She’s a Christian and a Mother. Through my pregnancy with Riley she was pregnant with their son, Kaden. Last year she lost her twin sons at 20 weeks gestation.

Kaden was born shortly after Riley. I cheered when I read the news of her delivery. Kaden was in the NICU with some minor health problems, but he would be released to go home soon. Upon his check out exam the doctors noticed his heart wasn’t working as well as they’d like. He needed to stay in the hospital. From there Kaden’s health declined. He was air lifted to Dallas Children’s Hospital, his heart was failing him. He needed a transplant. Then he got a serious infection.

With each wave of news the internet community around the Stone family would rally and pray. Myself included. I spent many of Riley’s middle of the night feedings praying for a miracle for Kaden, that his heart would be healed and all his health issues would become the background to an amazing testimony to the power of God’s healing.

Thousands of people prayed and spread Kaden’s story. #prayforkaden became the rallying cry on social media. God had to hear our prayers for this family. They already had 2 babies in heaven, surely He would allow them to have Kaden.

Yesterday, on his 3 week birthday Kaden left this side of Heaven. I cried. I know many others did too, along with the Stone Family. Why? Didn’t God hear us?

We may never know the answers in this lifetime. God had a very specific plan for Kaden, one that us as humans may never understand. All I do know is that the Internet can be a powerful and positive tool. It was amazing to see so many people surround this little boy and his family with love and support.

I have a beautiful, healthy baby boy. I am so blessed. In these early weeks with a newborn I’ve found myself thankful for the middle of the night feedings and the constant diaper changes. Kaden taught me to appreciate those moments. They are a blessing, and I should never take them for granted.

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